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Energy & Focus Supplements


Want to have that natural energy to support you through your eventful days? Get energized without the crash or jitters with our Purely Optimal Energy & Focus supplement!

It is specifically formulated to let you perform at your best with energy that lasts longer than a cup of coffee or energy drink. So whether you’re working or keeping up with your kids, this pure nootropics supplement is here to help you own your day by delivering clean and lasting energy!

Our Energy & Focus is the best of all the energy and brain vitamins out there. With it, you’ll become more focused on your routine with sustained energy, all while doing it in a good mood even after your training. How amazing is that?


  • Formulated for Optimal Performance: Every day, your body requires tons of energy so you can be on top of your game. Our Energy & Focus supplement can help bring back the vitality you need to perform any physical or mental activity in your peak state! Try it now and own your day, every day!
  • For Clean & Sustained Energy: Our supplement is specially formulated with C3X Complex composed of Caffeine Anhydrous (a highly concentrated form of caffeine), Dynamine, and TeaCrine️. All three of these ingredients give you clean and lasting energy so no crashes or jitters.
  • The Better Brain Booster: This pure nootropic supplement supports cognitive function with brain-revitalizing natural herbs and compounds such as Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea, ginseng, ashwagandha, L-theanine, and taurine. Your brain stays alert and can relax when needed – without drowsiness.


These patented ingredients are combined to give you winning workouts and training routines. What’s more, there’s a proprietary blend that provides a nootropic effect that helps you achieve enhanced focus, better cognitive function, and improved mood!

  • 300 MGS C3X Complex for increased focus & sustained energy to prevent the dreaded caffeine crash.
  • 150 MGS Caffeine Anhydrous to clear drowsiness & give you an energy boost. It can also stimulate athletic performance or a drop in weight.
  • 300 MGS Proprietary Blend of Taurine & L-theanine to promote relaxation

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