Ditch New Year’s Resolutions: Start Healthy Habits That Last Instead!

The internet is getting tired of New Year’s resolutions because of one simple reason: they never last for most people.

Are you one of the rare humans who get to keep their resolutions? Good for you! But if you’re one of the vast majority who loves making those resolutions but always end up breaking them by the next month (or week!) you are not alone.

This is why we encourage you to ditch them once and for all! Instead, take steps in healthy habits that last.

Like you, we don’t want a list of overwhelming habits that are aimed at overnight success. We promise you, they’re nothing crazy and are unbelievably easy to follow. Let’s get to the 5 healthy habits that last!

healthy habits 2022 - okinawa diet

Image Credit: post.healthline.com

#1: The Okinawan Rule - Eat Until 80% Full

While we will never get tired of telling you how you should eat a balanced diet on a colorful plate, the discovery of the Okinawan diet seems to level up the habit of eating healthy. In the beautiful province of Okinawa in Japan where centenarians are more common than anywhere else in the world, people enjoy their food in smaller portions but with plenty of varieties.

They attribute long and healthy lives to certain food choices such as sweet potato, seaweeds, tofu, and fish among others. But here’s the real deal: They stop eating when their stomachs are already 80% full.

While we cannot gauge when our stomachs become precisely 80% loaded, they describe this as a feeling of “starting to feel full.” How many times do we stop eating only if we already feel full? Most of the time, if not every time! Studies show that loading our stomachs causes us to feel lethargic and fatigued after a meal instead of being revitalized by it.

healthy habits 2022 - cold water hot water benefits

#2: Warm Water VS Cold Water

Water is the most essential substance you can ever give to your body as it does more than just quenching your thirst. After all, humans are 80% water!

Without water, your body temperature gets unregulated and body wastes remain inside you for a longer time than necessary. Yikes. But if we gulp enough in a day, it goes a long way for our digestive health, skin, and focus!

But should you go for hot water or cold water? Experts have debated this for some time now. Lately, it is discovered that both are actually good for the body given that we take them at the right timing.

cold hot water benefits

Image Credit: myownwater.com

#3: Get Physical… In a Fun Way!

Who says exercise has to be boring and routinary?! This year, why not choose to get active by exploring new hobbies like gardening, taking dance classes, playing frisbee, or hiking while enjoying beautiful vistas of nature?

You’ll be amazed how all those quality times can pay you back by making you much happier and fitter. Other awesome choices are swimming, riding a bike, rock climbing, and our personal favorite - trampolining!

healthy habits 2022 - get active

Check out how much calories you can burn with these fun activities:

  • Gardening - 300 calories per hour
  • Dancing - 800 calories per hour
  • Playing frisbee - 520 calories per hour
  • Hiking - 430 - 550 calories per hour
  • Swimming - 493-704 calories per hour
  • Biking - 580 calories per hour
  • Rock climbing - 500-900 calories per hour
  • Trampolining - 1000 calories per hour

I guess it’s time to buy those trampolines, yes?

healthy habits 2022 - sleep

#4: Never Disregard Sleep

So many people invest in eating well and working out, but they forget the value of sleep. So what really are you risking if you don’t get enough rest?

Studies show that people who lack sleep on a regular basis are more prone to high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, heart failure, or even stroke. Other potential health concerns include depression, obesity, and immunity impairment, among others.

So if you seem to be eating right and working out regularly, the symptoms mentioned can still hang around if you don’t get enough sleep. And it can’t just be any sleep – research shows that quality of sleep is also important!

Make sure you are aware of some signs of poor sleep quality such as repeatedly waking up during the night, not feeling rested even after getting enough sleep, and symptoms of sleep disorders. 

Since all your efforts for better health go down the slope without adequate sleep, it’s good to take a look at supplements that help with sleep quality.

healthy habits 2022 - go outside

#5: Get Out There!

Everybody is well aware of how much our bodies need water and food, but we don’t seem to be paying attention to how much sunshine we need in a day! If you’ve been shying away from sunlight, you’re also depriving your body from producing more serotonin or Vitamin D.

Individuals with low serotonin levels often feel tired and lethargic, and this deficiency also takes a lot of toll on our focus and mental capacities. Lack of sunlight exposure may also result in weight gain, bone aches, poor sleep quality, and depression – that’s a lot of price to pay just because of not stepping out into the sun so stop playing the vampire this year!  

The Bottom Line

While making New Year’s Resolutions give us a sense of fresh, new beginnings, it can also become a habit of simply starting something we don’t intend to keep in our lifestyles. But deciding on a new healthy habit by choosing one or more on the list can be powerful enough to change not only your year but your whole life!