Hair Stylists Share Their Most Important Secret to Healthy Beautiful Hair

Hair stylists spend hours with many different types of hair. They see healthy hair and hair that needs a lot of love.

They see hair that has been damaged by sun, pollution, and neglect.

We asked them what was common among people with healthy hair and were surprised with what we found.
You see most people spend hundreds of dollars on hair care products each year.

They watch commercials showing models with near perfect hair, apply all kinds of products and think the solution to their hair troubles can be applied to the outside of hair.

Sure, genetics and age play a part in the health of hair but often these products are a waste.

The Most Common Problem

We live in a busy world where it is often a challenge to eat right.

We eat on the run and don't realize how many essential nutrients we are missing.

In conversations with their clients, hair stylists find that people have no idea about the connection between nutrition and healthy hair. 

Hair needs to be revitalized from the roots to the tips.

This can't be done by just applying a chemical onto the hair.

True nourishment needs to come from the foods that we eat. 

What's Missing?

Even with carefully planned diets, there is always the potential to miss key nutrients.

Are you getting enough B-vitamins?

Do the foods you eat contain enough Biotin?

We created a solution that is packed with an essential blend of vitamins and nutrients in a great tasting, easy to take gummy.

For a fraction of the cost of expensive hair care products, you can give your hair the nutrients it needs.