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Our Multi Collagen Peptides contain ALL 5 Types of premium, food-based collagen your body needs for healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. Plus, our formula includes DigeSEB™ Multi Enzyme Complex for maximum absorption.

Benefits You’ll Love

“I have always taken collagen for years but this one really stepped up the game. It has so many other good things in it. I believe, after hours of research you can never find any other brand that will surpass how generous this is with its blend.” - Gianna W.

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Dry skin, brittle hair and nails, and stiff aching joints are a sign of ONE major protein deficiency: collagen. Purely Optimal Multi Collagen Peptides helps replenish this critical protein with just one daily, tasteless scoop that mixes easily with beverages and food.

6 Aging + Beauty Benefits Too Good to Ignore

Supports Bone +
Joint Health

Purely Optimal’s collagen can help improve bone mineral density and boost calcium absorption for stronger bones and joint flexibility.

Nails + Hair

Purely Optimal’s formula contains 18 essential amino acids like proline to help revitalize keratin for optimal hair growth and thickness.


Our targeted formula helps replenish lost collagen and offers extra support from Hyaluronic acid, B12, and Biotin for plumper, more vibrant skin.

Promotes Muscle Recovery

Glycine and proline help calm muscle inflammation and even add an extra layer of support for your immune system after enduring physical stress.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Purely Optimal’s collagen can help provide more structure to arteries, which can weaken with age.

Encourages Healthy Digestion

Proline, glutamine, and glycine in Purely Optimal Multi Collagen Peptides help maintain healthy tissue in the digestive tract and may help“seal” the gut for max nutrient absorption.

See Why More Than 1,471 People Swear By Purely Optimal’s Multi Collagen Peptides

Hair Is Growing,
Knees Feel Better

“I have always taken collagen for years but this one really stepped up the game. It has so many other good things in it. I believe, after hours of research you can never find any other brand that will surpass how generous this is with its blend.”

– Gianna W.

Dry, Scaly Skin Transformed

“I am blown away by this product – my dry, scaly skin has been transformed. It feels soft and I no longer even need lotion and my nails are smooth, strong and growing faster than I can trim them. I use one scoop in my coffee each day – no flavor and blends perfectly!”

Justine S.

Better Joints

“I noticed change for the better in my joints. I have no hip pain or knee pain anymore…”

-Beverly L.

Why Do You Need All 5 Types of Collagen?

Supports healthy skin, teeth, joints, ligaments, tendons, organs, muscles and digestive system5
Helps with joint support and cartilage care5
Promotes a healthy vascular & circulatory system, connective tissues, lungs, and skin5
Enables faster, healthy hair growth and production of other critical collagens5
Encourages strong bones & cartilage, bone tissue, and efficient tissue formation5

We Source Premium Food-Based Collagen From…

Achieve Maximum Absorption

Our collagen includes a special ingredient called DigeSEB™, which helps supplement the body with a digestive enzyme blend for smoother digestion, less digestive discomfort, and maximum absorption of nutrients*.

Enjoy an Extra Glowy Boost

Along with collagen, we included Biotin, Vitamin B12, and Hyaluronic Acid specifically to help rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails naturally, from the inside out… Without having to take a handful of extra supplements.

How It Works

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And enjoy healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints


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We’re all about confidence. We want you to feel totally secure with your purchase and results, and if you don’t love Purely Optimal’s Multi Collagen, it’s on us. No questions asked!


Most collagen formulas are incomplete and include only 1-2 types of collagen. Our Multi Collagen Peptides include all 5 types of collagen essential for full-body results, sourced from multiple real foods like grass-fed beef, eggshell membrane, bone broth, chicken, and fish.

Plus, our formula includes a special digestive enzyme blend that helps manage digestive discomfort and promotes a more efficient digestive process and better nutrient absorption. We’ve even added a Hair, Skin & Nails complex with B12 and Hyaluronic Acid for even more noticeable results.
Never. You will not be placed in any sort of auto-ship or continuity subscription.
We recommend talking with your pediatrician before giving your child collagen supplements.
Yes, our collagen peptides are hydrolyzed.

To fully reap the benefits of ingesting collagen, it has to be broken down into its individual amino acids. We do this through a process called hydrolysis.

This is a chemical process that exposes collagen to high heat and pressure, or exposed to certain enzymes that break it down.

All of this can make it easier for you to absorb and experience the full benefits of collagen.
We recommend daily use continuously to see the best results.
We recommend speaking with your doctor before taking any nutritional supplements like collagen.
Collagen is best stored in a cool, dark area away from moisture.
You can mix collagen into any hot or cold liquid, like water, milk, coffee, smoothies, or soups. You can also mix collagen into recipes (like baked goods, sauces and marinades) without affecting the taste.

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