7 Healthy Eating Tips for the Coming Holidays

healthy eating tips for holidays

Family, holidays, delectable foods, and good health can all go together.

This holiday season, most people don’t have a lot of time to look out for their health because of the holiday rush.

You may think that nothing will go wrong if you eat whatever you want or party all night long. But holiday is not just for a day given that there could be lots of parties from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. And these could be among your families, friends, and colleagues.

It’s all fun, right? But if you’re not mindful of your health, you might deal with tummy issues, dehydration, hangovers, or other health issues after.

Not to worry for here are seven healthy eating tips for you, so you can enjoy the coming holidays stress-free and with a happy tummy:

Start your holiday with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism, helps you focus, and gives you the energy you need to fulfill your daily activities.

Eating a healthy breakfast makes everything much better since you’ll fuel your body with essential nutrients. You’ll feel better and more energized compared to those days when you’re eating a less nutritious breakfast.

Holiday smart shopping is a must

Rush shopping can sometimes be thrilling but other times, unhealthy. Especially when you’re planning to prepare delicious, healthy meals.

Last-minute grocery shopping will make you grab the first thing you see without even reading the labels or looking for the healthiest alternatives.

So instead of picking ripe tomatoes that you can puree for a healthy pasta, you’ll pick the canned sauce on an impulse.

Instead of carefully picking organic ingredients, you’ll opt for the easiest substitutes, since you don’t have a lot of time anymore.

Make sure you plan your shopping days ahead of time, so you won’t stress yourself out. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed, with little to no stress if possible.

Being invited to a party? If you’re planning to bring something for everyone, spend extra time preparing a dish that grown-ups and kids would enjoy..

Make each meal deliciously healthy

Delicious and healthy can go along together as much as you want.

Best foods are served and made with love. And you will have all the time in the world to cook a healthy, savory dish if you prepare ahead of time. Since you shopped in advance, you can focus more on carefully planning your holiday meals with the best ingredients on your list.

Always use fat-free yogurt, sour cream, milk, or whipped toppings, to keep you and your guests safe from tummy troubles.

Always start appetizers made with veggies or fruits to tone down your appetite. And if you’re planning to prepare a very sweet dessert, at least reduce the ingredients that contain too much carbs (or much better stay away from it if you can) for the main course.

Being invited to a party? If you’ll bring something to a party, be kind enough to give everyone healthy snacks, or your home-made recipe armed with savory and delicious ingredients.

Have healthy holiday table manners

Other things may come and go, but table manners shouldn’t. And since we’re talking about holidays, healthy table manners is what you need to make this season count.

Small plate is the key. This will help avoid getting excessive foods that might lead to a mountain of leftovers or eating too much that may cause you to feel instantly full. How will you enjoy other foods if your tummy already said no?

You also have to eat slowly. Put your spoon and fork down between each bite, no need to hurry. Food tastes better when you indulge yourself in every bite (especially the dessert).

And if there will be wine or champagne served, drink it with food. You know consuming alcohol with an empty stomach isn’t a great idea..

Being invited to a party? Be careful of foods that might trigger your allergies, if you have any. Politely ask the person who cooked if the food contains ingredients you’re not supposed to consume. Don’t be shy about asking this question. It’s much better to do so, rather than facing an allergy attack in front of other people.

Be strict with your diet

One of the most common mistakes people make during holidays is skipping meals to save up for the feast. 

If you do this, your body will slow down its metabolism, making it difficult for you to have the stored energy you need for the holidays. This is because your body will burn less energy since you have fewer calories and carbs/fats.

Additionally, you’re most likely to overeat, which is not good for your digestion and blood sugar.

If you’re saving up for the feast, have a little snack or light meal, rather than not eating at all.

And most importantly, drink more water. Hydrating your body with enough water before and after meals helps boost metabolism and aids in proper digestion.

Drinking water after a heavy meal will also help your body absorb all the nutrients and dilute the digestive juices to prevent leaky gut.

Invited to a party? If you’re not allowed to eat some foods served, or you refrain from eating them for a long time, choose the meal that is the best and safest for you, even if that means sticking to one meal throughout the entire party. Better be safe than sorry.

Keep moving

Physical activities may not be your top priority during the winter season. But keep in mind that being active is your key to a healthy and happy holiday.

Try your best to have at least 15 minutes of walking or jogging every day, before you proceed to your holiday errands.

After lunch or dinner, rest for 30 minutes or so before taking a nice walk outside. Or maybe help your family do the dishes or clean the table.

Get the Zzzs you need

Listen to your body when it demands for rest. Because after all the preparation and activities you’ve been through, once you sit down, you might feel fatigue, achy muscles, or a bit of headache.

If you get any of these, rest for a while, even if you still have a lot of things to do. Don’t force your body to finish everything because you’ll end up tired for the main event. 

Since you’ll also be going out more during the holidays, most likely, you’ll sleep late or cut back on sleep. When you’re sleep deprived, you tend to be more impatient and moody. And you don’t want that kind of negative energy to be around you during special holidays.

So aim to have your beauty rest and at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Let’s all eat, drink, stay healthy, and be merry this holiday season!


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