7 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy This Fall

practical health tips this fall

Who’s ready for falling leaves, hoodies, pumpkins, s’mores, and bonfires?

Fall is the season of cuddling, as they say. The dense fog, cold weather, and the full moon rising will make you grab your favorite coffee and share it with someone you love.

But as beautiful as fall is, you still have to keep your health in check. People often get sick during fall because of certain reasons and one of them is the rapid change in weather, which triggers the common cold.

Experience the beauty of fall by staying healthy through these seven practical tips:

Boost your Vitamin D intake

You may not see your friendly sun longer than when you used to during summer. That is why you need to boost your Vitamin D to make sure you’re getting enough, since you need it to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong. 

You can boost your Vitamin D intake by eating more eggs, seafood, fatty fishes, and taking an Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement.

Drink smart and stay hydrated

With all the temperature drops and humidity during fall season, your body can easily get dehydrated.

Not to mention the tempting drinks that are perfect for this weather, such as tequila, whiskey, wine, and bourbon. What’s fun without them, right? But always remember to have healthier choices as an adult before you pour that another glass. 

Hangovers will give you a headache, and dehydration can lead to several health issues. And you don’t want these conditions to ruin the perfect season.

Stay active, keep moving

Cuddle weather and sweater weather will make you want to never get out of bed or just sit on your favorite couch doing nothing. 

Lazy weather is your toughest enemy if you’re trying to stay fit. But you’re stronger than that. It’s just mind over matter.

When laziness comes, fight it before it even gets worse. How? Stand up and start doing minor chores, like folding your clothes or organizing your closet. Or just walk outside to get some fresh air. Anything that can keep you moving is counted!

Focus on nutrition, eat healthy

Remember when your parents used to buy seasonal fruits and veggies? They just don’t buy it to make your meals colorful or interesting. 

Nature has an amazing way of connecting with people’s health. And during fall season, you can buy the best fruits and vegetables that have higher water content, which is also an excellent way to stay hydrated.

It is also important to take care of your gut. There are actually gut-friendly and delicious foods you can eat such as bananas, kimchi, yogurt, Sauerkraut, and soft cheeses (because many people love cheese).

Gut supplements are also beneficial for your overall digestive health, freeing you from tummy issues.

Boost your immunity

During fall (or whenever it’s cold), your body is working extra efforts to beat common colds and seasonal allergies. 

Help your body during this process by taking immunity supplements and eating foods that can boost your immune system.

There are also easy and effective ways to boost your immunity naturally, which will contribute to your overall well-being.

Moisturize your skin

Humid and foggy atmosphere can cause dry skin. You can skip your other skincare (if you feel lazy), but never skip moisturizer because your skin will need it more during this time. Skipping this routine can lead to itchy and flaky skin.

Here are three easy ways to moisturize:

  • Use a thicker moisturizer since it has stronger ingredients and fatty acids to protect your skin from dryness and irritation.
  • Don’t forget to use body lotion. It’s not just your face that needs extra care, but your whole body, too. Incorporating body lotion to your fall skin care routine will prevent your skin from dehydration. You can also use body wash instead of regular bar soaps to boost moisture and smoothness to your body.
  • Skip the exfoliant. Exfoliating is useful in removing dead skin cells. But doing it during the cold season can cause flaky or cracked skin. These will only lead to acne and breakouts. If you really feel the need to exfoliate, it’s okay, just don’t overdo it.

Get a flu shot

There’s no better way for you to prevent influenza and common colds than to get a flu shot.

Flu vaccination can reduce the severity of illnesses and hospitalization. It can also protect the people around you, especially kids and babies who are more vulnerable to flu and other viruses.

Have a happy and healthy pumpkin spice season!


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