Effective Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

boost mood

If someone asks you “How’s your mood today?”, what will you say?

What’s keeping you away from happiness might have a lot to do with nursing a bad mood. And there are plenty of reasons why you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Stress, financial worries, workload, or peer pressure are some of the common ones. Health concerns can also trigger bad moods, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep. 

But don’t worry, because today, we’ll give you nine effective ways to boost your mood instantly so you can attract more positive energy and be happy!

9 effective ways to instantly boost your mood

Uplift your spirit with upbeat music

We all have that song or playlist that makes us feel good. If you feel grumpy or sad, just listen to it. But hey, make sure you’re listening to the right track. That favorite sentimental music of yours won’t uplift your spirit if you feel sad, so choose a different song instead. Preferably those with more upbeat vibes that will make you get up on your feet and dance! You’ll be surprised how it will change the way you feel. Music has a lot of benefits to your overall wellness than you can imagine.

Smile and laugh more

We all have heard of the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’. But some of us find it difficult to achieve because the negativity outweighs the positivity. It should be the other way around, right?

If you’re in a sour mood, try your best to smile and laugh. Watch a funny dog video or a hilarious movie to lighten up your mood. Do this first before anything else. Never proceed with a routine feeling crabby or the results won’t turn out well. Keep in mind that laughing is contagious, so share it with others.

Spend time outdoors (or better yet, with nature)

Every time you spend time outdoors, you keep yourself away from the feeling of isolation. Give yourself a break from all the stress by going to your favorite cafe, buying yourself a drink, shopping for groceries (even if you’ll just buy toiletries), or visiting a friend. 

And if you want added health benefits, spend time with nature. Each time you connect with nature, your body releases endorphins, the chemical that makes you feel good.

Tidy up

Clothes scattered everywhere, dishes left unclean, dirty laundry, and trash piling up - all these can affect your mood as well. You’ll feel lazier, and you just don’t know it! So if you feel irritated, try organizing and decluttering. See how a tidy room makes you feel better.

Be optimistic

Overthinking often leads to having a bad mood. Your thoughts may run from being simple to complicated in an instant because you’re creating scenarios in your head. The end results? Never good! 

It may be easier said than done, but try to hope for the best. Focus on the positive, not on the negative. Always think that in every problem, there’s a solution. And if there’s no solution, then there’s no need to worry about the problem. Just go with the flow, let go, and things will get better eventually. 

It’s okay to vent out

Another way to turn your bad mood into a good one is to release all the negative emotions inside. Do so by venting out. Cry if you want to, scream if you can, or talk to someone if you feel the need to. Believe me, this isn’t a sign of weakness. You’re a human being. And as humans, by nature, we are emotional creatures. Just make sure that you’re venting out to the right person who will make you feel better.


Inhale the positive, exhale the negative. Relax and calm your mind to bust a bad mood. Practicing your mind to be calmer during stressful situations will keep your body relaxed. This way, all the negative emotions will fade away and you’ll generate positive energy. Meditating has many benefits. Do yoga and play relaxing background music. Do both as often as you can.

Practice gratitude

At many points in our lives, we feel drained and burned out. If you’re on the verge of physical and mental exhaustion, pause for a while and ask yourself: what are the 3 things in your life that you’re grateful for? Just think of these three things to remind yourself every day that you're way too blessed to be stressed. Doing this will help elicit positive emotions that will eventually lighten up your mood.

You can also start a gratitude journal. You’ll be surprised to see that there are plenty of things you can list down.

Try mood-boosting supplements

Did you know that there are supplements that can help boost your mood faster? These reliable supplements will fill in the missing element that your body needs to achieve that happy vibe. If you lack sleep and you feel restless, these two supplements will help you solve those issues:

  • Magnesium Complex - do you know that magnesium relieves your stress by calming your mind for a rejuvenating sleep? It also frees you from headache or migraine. This supplement does an amazing job! With its rich magnesium blends, you’ll surely wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day!

  • 5-HTP+ Complex - serotonin is the chemical in our body that makes us feel good, while melatonin improves our quality of sleep. When both have low levels, we experience bad days. This 5-HTP supplement will give you all the help you need to look forward to happier days!

You’ll never be happy with a bad mood. Do these simple ways for joyful days because life is a gift. Share your smile today!


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