These Are What You Need to Do to Age Gracefully

Are fine lines on your face more prominent now than ever? Do you feel like you’re starting to lose your youthful glow?

These are normal observations associated with aging. As growing old is part of everyone’s life cycle, nobody can escape it -- including you.

Here’s the deal: there are things you can control in the aging process, like how you age and how fast you submit to the signs of aging.

Now think of these three Jennifers of Hollywood. Jennifer Garner is 46, Jennifer Lopez is 49, and Jennifer Aniston is 50. These women are perfect examples of how to age gracefully.

You might be wondering why they look like they’re stuck in time? How are they as gorgeous as they were 10 years ago? They shouldn’t be objects of envy. Instead, they should be sources of inspiration for everyone.

You, too, can experience graceful aging. You can keep your skin’s radiance and still feel younger from within. Age is just a number. That’s already sounding like a cliche but it’s true.

Getting older shouldn’t make you less happy. Instead, you should be grateful and celebrating because age is an achievement!

In this post, you will get helpful tips to graceful aging. We will also discuss a little about antioxidant and how this can delay the aging process.

What you need to do to age gracefully

How well you take care of your well-being today will greatly affect your future self. But there is no magic to growing old healthier and happier.

What you can do to age gracefully are simple, practical, and actionable steps you can start doing today.

1. Avoid stress.

As much as you can, stay away from stressors as these can lead to unwanted health issues like high blood pressure, sleep deficiency, weight gain or loss, and anxiety. Stress also makes you look older than you actually are.

2. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Whether you go out every day or not, you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage. SPF 30 to 50 are often recommended for skin protection.

3. Exercise.

Find an activity you can enjoy by yourself or with friends. You can start with as simple as walking or jogging around the village every morning. Why not try yoga or a dance class? Any activity that will make you move will give you long-term health benefits.

4. Eat healthy.

Add more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals to get enough vitamins and nutrients from natural sources. You can do a meal plan every week to make sure you keep a balanced diet.

5. Have enough quality sleep every night.

If possible, sleep for seven to eight hours every night to give your body enough time to recharge. Our skin cells also work at night to repair any damage accumulated the whole time we’re awake.

6. Keep your body hydrated.

Water is your skin’s reliable friend. A well-hydrated skin makes you look younger and radiant. Also, water flushes out toxins, boosts your digestive system, helps treat headaches, aids in weight loss, and more other amazing benefits.

7. Be grateful.

Gratitude improves both your psychological and physical health. It also enhances your self-esteem and your outlook in life. Each night, write down the things you are grateful for the day that’s about to end. This will help you let out anything that bothers you and make you focus on your blessings.

8. Get yourself a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidant protects your healthy cells from the damages of free radicals, or unstable molecules. Keeping your cells healthy will help delay the signs of aging.

The role of antioxidants in your body 

Antioxidant has been a buzzword in the health and wellness industry for many years now. But do you really understand what it does to your body?

Antioxidant protects you from free radicals (pro-oxidants), which are unstable molecules. A molecule becomes unstable when it loses an electron and then turns into a free radical that can cause damage to other molecules like DNA.

It donates electrons to an unstable molecule, neutralizes it and prevents it from causing further damage. Because free radicals are incessantly formed during metabolism, antioxidants should always be present to protect you from harm at the molecular level.

However, free radicals help immune cells in destroying bacteria that attempt to infect your body. With this, there should be a balance between antioxidants and pro-oxidants. Too much free radicals can lead to oxidative stress, where significant molecules are fatally damaged.

Damaged cells cause aging and illnesses. That’s why as you age, antioxidant like Resveratrol plays a vital role in giving your body the power to fight the effects of free radicals.

Some unwanted health conditions linked to free radical damage are cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Some known factors that contribute to the formation of free radicals and oxidative stress are smoking, air pollution, alcohol intake, sun exposure, stress, an intense workout routine that damages tissue, high blood sugar, and infection.


Things to remember on how to age gracefully:

  1. Avoid stress
  2. Wear sunscreen
  3. Exercise often
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Get enough quality sleep
  6. Keep your body hydrated
  7. Be grateful
  8. Get a powerful antioxidant

With all the tips we’ve shared here, you can embrace aging with a positive mind and a grateful heart.

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