Why Do I Gain Weight on Keto

Why Do I Gain Weight on Keto

Have you ever experienced this while on your keto diet?

For a while, everything’s doing great and you’re happy seeing the results. You’re having keto flu (which shows that you have entered ketosis already) and you’re losing weight every week or two, or after month.

Then suddenly you’ve gained weight that makes you question yourself, “where did I go wrong?” “Are my keto pills not working anymore?” “Am I not exercising enough?” “Did I ate too much protein or carbs?” These questions keep puzzling in your mind, then suddenly you’re losing confidence.

But hey, don’t worry. Did you know that gaining weight during your keto is most likely unintentional? Yes, you read that right. The fault isn’t entirely yours. As long as you’re strictly following the keto diet and pairing it with keto pills and regular exercise, you’re good.

Here are few reasons why you’re gaining weight on keto so you will know how to avoid or resolve them:

Your medical condition is getting in the way of your keto lifestyle

Why Do I Gain Weight on Keto


Ketogenic diet, sadly, is not for everyone. People who have underlying medical conditions and genetically inherited diseases cannot simply go on a keto diet. And those who are pregnant and have weight issues will need advice from doctors or dietitians first before they transition to this diet. 

Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet. Keto pills, on the other hand, help you reach ketosis faster.

If you have medical conditions, your body may struggle in getting into the keto phase. So instead of burning your fats for energy, you may gain unintentional weight.

Your genes are working against your keto

Your genes play a huge role in your body and weight transition. And this apply not just on keto, but in other weight management in general.

Before you hit the gym or start your diet, you have this image in your head of a fitspiration. But in reality, you may not achieve exactly the same physique as theirs because your body type and genes are different.

Your genes greatly affect your metabolism fat. This is why some people eat fewer but gain weight faster. While some eat like a horse, but don’t gain any weight.

In this case, you know yourself better. If you observe that you gain weight faster, even on your younger days, then you may need to double your keto diet restriction to avoid gaining weight on keto.

But if you have problems gaining weight, and it runs in your family, you may need a little improvisation on your keto diet. Add more healthy fats and a bit of protein. Make sure your protein intake is still moderate, and your carb consumption is still low. Or else, you may not gain weight but you might not get into ketosis successfully.

You’re not fully taking care of yourself

Why Do I Gain Weight on Keto

Ketois a proven weight loss diet with plenty of health benefits. But if you think that keto diet alone will save your health, honestly, it’s not enough.

If you’re not taking care of your mental and emotional health, this may lead to stress, sleepless nights, and weight gain. 

Always look out for your health in a bigger picture. Get regular checkups, do meditation, socialize more, and improve your self-care routine so that stress and anxiety will never get in the way of your keto process.

You’re not following the keto diet ‘correctly’

Since the keto diet is a low-carb diet, this means that you need to cut out those carbs and consume only up to 50g in a day.  Eat enough protein-rich meals and foods with healthy fats.

There are plenty of foods that are both a combination of healthy fats and protein, like avocados, chicken breast, full-fat dairies, eggs, and many more. Try to look for these kinds of foods and incorporate them as much into your keto diet.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting to consume real foods as possible, and never of those processed or canned foods & beverages.

If you think that drinking orange juice is safe for your keto diet, this is not a hundred percent true. Because juices that come in tetra pack, cans, or bottles mostly contain high amounts of sugar that can make you gain weight. And you won’t even know that this is the reason. So better yet, squeeze those fresh fruits or blend them into smoothie then drink them fresh.

You have too many cheat days

Why Do I Gain Weight on Keto

Cheat day every once or twice a week during keto diet is fine. But overdoing it will only cause you to gain weight, because that is not cheat day anymore, but rather impulsive eating.

Cheat days are there to serve as a reward for your hard work and discipline in following a restrictive diet. Mostly, you consumed a lot of carbs during these days. So you need to burn those carbs and unhealthy fats away by exercising or working out harder.

If you failed to burn off those unwanted carbs/fats, you will gain weight. And if you have a lot of cheat days in a week, even if you exercise, you will still gain a lot of weight. It’s not easy to get into ketosis. So don’t cheat on your cheat days, so you won’t go back to start again.

You’re not eating enough

Although the ketogenic diet is a strict ‘high fat, moderate protein, and low carb’ diet, that doesn’t mean you’ll eat fewer because you’re afraid of gaining weight. Actually, depriving your body of the nutrients it needs during the keto phase will destroy your metabolism, causing you to gain weight.

Also, you need to consume enough calories so that your body will continuously burn fat. If you skip meals or if you’re not eating enough, your body will struggle in achieving ketosis.


Getting the results you want during the keto diet requires time and patience. At times, you’ll gain weight unintentionally because of the probable reasons mentioned above. And if that happens, make the necessary changes to your keto diet. Because you may already be eating too much protein or fat, which are not doing any favors in your keto diet.

Genes and medical history are also likely reasons. You can talk to the doctor regarding this for expert opinion and proper recommendations to your ketogenic diet.

To reach ketosis faster, follow the proper keto diet, then pair it with keto pills and regular exercise. Also, avoid drinking alcohol since these fizzy drinks have hidden sugar and carbs.