10 Tips to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

10 Tips to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

Nothing beats waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized to start your day right. However, sometimes you still feel tired when you wake up, even though you had enough sleep last night.

That feeling of headache, laziness, and sluggishness really makes it difficult for you to get off of your bed. Sometimes, you either scroll on your phone for long minutes and wait until your morning tiredness wears off, or rely everything on caffeine to get you energized.

But we all know that scrolling through your phone can lead to procrastination and unproductiveness. While over drinking caffeine can cause jitters. And you don’t want these two to ruin your day.

We got you! Here are 10 tips to crush your morning fatigue…

1. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it

Create a bedtime routine and stick to it to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

Ever seen older people wake up at the same time every morning, without the help of an alarm clock? All thanks to their established bedtime habits.

Bedtime routine helps you sleep early to wake up early. Or encourages you to get in bed on time in order to wake up on time.

Bedtime routine also contributes to your sleep-wake cycle. If you set your mind and body into falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day, your system will automatically and naturally adapt to this habit, until you no longer need an alarm clock to wake you up.

But keep in mind that you need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to make this happen. Because insufficient sleep will only make you wake up late, not early.

2. Stop hitting the snooze button many times

The technique of hitting the snooze button every 10 minutes, or setting an alarm every 5 minutes, is not good at all.

If you follow the 1st step, your body clock will automatically be in sync so you can wake up fresh and well rested in the morning.

But if you keep pressing that snooze button, it can only bring a negative effect on your brain and beat the purpose of the natural sleep-wake cycle. The alarm sound will only put pressure on your mind and hinder your body from having sufficient time for restoration.

If you need to set an alarm, after you wake up, try your best to get up. Then follow the succeeding tips below to avoid being late on your errands.

3. Let the light and fresh air in

Let the light and fresh air in to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

As soon as you wake up, open the curtains and windows to train your mind and body to accept the wake-up time. 

Seeing the lovely sunlight, hearing the rustling leaves or the chirping birds, feeling the air, and smelling the scent of the outdoors will make you feel grateful for another day. This will also boost your motivation and get you excited about what another day can bring you.

4. Drink water first thing in the morning

Water should be the first beverage to drink in the morning, not coffee or hot cocoa. Feeling tired in the morning can cause mild dehydration since your body is at rest for 7 to 8 hours without fluid intake.  

Drinking clean, room temperature water in the morning will refresh you and help your body get moving. It will also boost your blood circulation and metabolism. After that, you can proceed with your favorite morning beverage.

5. Wash your face

Some people prefer to take a shower first thing in the morning before moving to their other routines. But if the water or weather is too cold for you, you can wash your face first to signal your body to a slight temperature change. A simple trick, but greatly plays a role in reducing fatigue and morning laziness.

6. Perform deep breathing, followed by physical activities

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During your sleep, your muscles are immobilized due to rest & energy restoration, and your mind is in deep sleep activity. Therefore, when you wake up, both are equipped to reactivate.

That is why it is important to perform deep breathing followed by physical activities like stretching, meditating, or exercising. If you have an extra 30 minutes to do these, much better. But if not, a quick 5-minute activity will do just fine to beat the morning fatigue.

7. Have a hearty and healthy breakfast

A great day begins with a great breakfast. And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you have to make sure that you fuel your body with delicious and nutritious breakfast to keep you fully energized for the day.

Aside from breakfast, it is also worth noting to not have any sugar until lunch. Consuming too much sugary foods and beverages in the morning can spike your blood sugar, making you feel drained.

8. Go easy on the caffeine

Go easy on the caffeine to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

There’s nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee in the morning to fuel your day. But you also have to go easy on the caffeine. Because having too much can actually drain your energy instead of giving you more of it.

If you want to follow a ‘no sugar’ rule until lunch, try your best to drink your coffee naturally without added sugar, creamer, or syrup.

9. Have something to look forward to

Having something to look forward to gets you excited. And when you’re excited, you automatically wake up early and in a good mood. 

Sometimes, a little excitement beats morning fatigue and laziness. Life is full of surprises. Explore as far as you can, encourage yourself to pick up exciting challenges, and go outside as often as you can to activate your brain.

10. Check your mental health

Check your mental health to Wake Up Early Everyday Without Feeling Tired

If you have followed all the tips mentioned above, but you still experience morning fatigue and poor quality sleep, it’s time to pay more attention to your mental health.

Depression, anxiety, and chronic stress can negatively affect your sleep-wake cycle. And people that experience these issues usually feel worse in the morning.

Never disregard what you feel and what you think. If you feel like talking to someone or you need help from a professional, then feel free to do so. Always remember, you matter.

“When you start each day with a grateful heart, light illuminates from within. Blessings of grace to you today. Have a cheerful morning!”

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