A 30-Day Challenge to Improve & Protect Your Mental Health

mental health improvement

“Nothing in this world can torment you as much as your own thoughts.” So always make your mental health a priority.

Life and the universe have their own ways of giving us challenges so we can become stronger and better. Because what is life without hardship?

Everything is about balance. You cry, you smile. You have defeats, but you will also have victories.

Always remember: “Challenges make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

These simple 30-day challenges will be your key to improving and protecting your mental health while preparing your mind for any adversaries that may come along the way.

30-Day Mental Health Challenge

Day 1: Write down your goals. No man is successful without his goals. Therefore, you should set your goals in order to achieve something big or small.

Day 2: Stretch or do yoga. Stretching and yoga are good for the mind since they both help relieve tension and stress.

Day 3: Meditate and do deep breathing. Meditating and deep breathing both increase the airflow into your body, which relaxes your nerves and reduces anxiety.

Day 4: Read something. Reading improves your brain’s cognitive function and concentration. This will also help you live longer with a sharp memory.

Day 5: Go for a walk. Walking releases endorphins that help improve your mood and clears your mind, if you ever feel too preoccupied.

Day 6: Go to bed an hour earlier than your usual bedtime. Try changing your sleeping pattern and see if you’ll have better and improved quality of sleep.

Day 7: Practice gratitude. Gratitude boosts more positive emotions, which can help prevent symptoms of depression, makes you feel happier, and contributes to graceful aging. So ask yourself today, what are the things you’re grateful for?

Day 8: Create different music playlists. Listening to music is a good workout for the brain. But make sure you have different playlists for your different moods (like: motivational, chill, sentimental, dance, workout, and party playlists).

Day 9: Exercise. Being an active person helps sharpen your memory and thinking capacity. So even if you’re too busy, 5 to 15 minutes of exercise will do wonders for your body.

Day 10: Create a skincare routine. Skincare is a form of self-care. And every time you take care of yourself, you realize your self-worth.

Day 11: Detox and cleanse. Whenever your body gets rid of harmful toxins, your circulation improves. It also boosts your mental clarity and makes you feel better. Try Liquid Chlorophyll for your most refreshing and easiest detox to prepare.

Day 12: Spend time outdoors or in nature. Being one with nature enhances your concentration, cognitive function, and mental clarity.

Day 13: Talk to yourself kindly and positively. The more you talk to yourself kindly, the more you realize your value and self-worth. Try talking to yourself in front of the mirror and speak words of affirmation.

Day 14: Cook yourself a delightful meal - don’t buy! Cooking your own meal is more nutritious and healthier. And if you eat healthy, you think clearly, which also lowers the risk of mental health issues caused by poor diet.

Day 15: Declutter and organize your stuff. Decluttering makes you feel calm and helps you think clearly. While a tidy environment improves your focus and concentration.

Day 16: Watch the sunset or sunrise. Watching the sunset or sunrise helps you feel more energized, boosts your mood, and makes you appreciate life more.

Day 17: Sing or dance like nobody’s watching. Singing and dancing releases endorphins, thus improving your mood, releasing emotional pain, and boosting lung functions.

Day 18: Watch inspirational or joyful videos. Watching motivational and happy videos helps you manage your anxieties, making you feel happier and livelier.

Day 19: Do a kind act or do your friend a favor. Practicing an act of kindness to somebody makes you feel fulfilled, happy, and confident. You also become a more compassionate person.

Day 20: Catch up with someone. Sharing joyful emotions with someone helps you forget about your worries and sadness. Invite your favorite people over for a fun catch up, or simply call them.

Day 21: Wake up without alarm. Sleep is essential, so respect your body when it needs rest. Having enough sleep will ease your physical and mental exhaustion. And is also one of the best ways to achieve longevity and wellness.

Day 22: Acknowledge your achievements no matter how big or small they are. Because every time you acknowledge your accomplishments, you become more proud of yourself.

Day 23: Pamper or reward yourself today. Buy something you want or pamper yourself at home. When you do this, your brain releases positive emotions, which are both beneficial to spiritual and mental health.

Day 24: Take a break from social media. Staying away from social media protects your energy and encourages you to do more important things which can be beneficial to your overall health.

Day 25: Indulge yourself with a healthy drink. It can be tea, lemonade, or fruit-infused water. A refreshing and healthy drink can uplift your mood and spirit.

Day 26: Listen to mental health podcasts. These podcasts focus on mental health improvement, which can give you tips on how to prevent depression or anxiety, and encourage self-love and self-worth.

Day 27: Feed a stray or homeless animal. Helping or playing with animals can uplift your mood and playfulness.

Day 28: Learn something new. When you learn a new skill or feed yourself with new information, you exercise your brain, which improves your cognitive function and analytical skills.

Day 29: Munch a healthy snack. You can buy some if you want to, just make sure it’s healthy. Try salad, yogurt, protein bars, or granola. A healthy body holds a healthy mind.

Day 30: Make someone smile today. Randomly compliment strangers to uplift their day or give them something that will put a smile on their face. Making someone happy will also make you happy.

30 day mental health challenge

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A friendly reminder:

Complete your 30-day challenge, don’t stop and never give up.  But don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day’s challenge. Just go on and continue.

Remember, you’re doing this challenge to improve your mental health and to become the better version of yourself. So keep going.


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