Super Aging: 7 Keys to Longevity and Wellness

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“You can’t help getting older. But you don’t have to get old.”

Do you know people who look like they don't age? How lucky are they, right? It makes you wonder how they manage to embrace graceful aging.

Do you know someone who always looks happy and spirited? How beautiful their life must be! It makes you wonder what makes them smile all the time.

As we grow older, all we want is a healthier, longer, and happier life. But the question is, how would you achieve it?

The process, honestly, is never easy because you need consistency, discipline, and determination to age gracefully.

Although it does take effort, it isn’t impossible. Here are the seven keys to achieve longevity and wellness as you get older:

Eat healthy as you age

The foods that you eat play a very important role in your life. Especially when you’re aging, your metabolism changes and your bones may shrink in size. There are certain foods that can give you the right nutrients for your age, while collagen helps your bones get stronger. It can give your skin, hair, and nails plenty of benefits too.

A balanced diet is also necessary. You need to eat foods that have plenty of nutrition, but are low in calories. Older people prefer to eat brown or black rice instead of white, since these two have fewer carbs.

You might also want to eat more eggs since the nutritional values they contain can contribute to healthy aging.

Avoid trans fat and foods that are high in cholesterol. You may not have heard of this a lot, but using pork lard oil instead of the traditional cooking oil will give you a lot of health benefits. With this, you can now eat fried foods with less worry.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water! As you age, your natural collagen production decreases, making your skin lose its elasticity. Staying hydrated promotes skin circulation, which helps nourish your cells, not to mention the cheapest way to care for your skin.


Doctors always recommend exercising to older adults. Aside from the health benefits exercising brings to your mind and body, it also delays the aging process.

When you exercise, you strengthen your immunity and your body develops healthy blood circulation, which tones your skin and nourishes your hair follicles. Now, you can say goodbye to sagging skin and hair loss, and say hi to that natural glow and healthier hair the more you exercise!

As previously mentioned, your bones may shrink in size as you age. This is also the reason why aging people experience joint pains. If you want stronger joints, you need to stretch and do simple, flexibility exercises every day.

If you love exercising, now’s the best time to love it even more!

But if you’re not a fan of physical activities, you might want to consider moving your body a little if you want to achieve longevity and wellness.

Get enough sleep and beauty rest

Whether you have a big day tomorrow or not, you still deserve some beauty rest!

It’s always difficult accomplishing your tasks if you lack sleep and rest. Remember that the true keys to productivity are better mood, quality sleep, and focus.

So even if you feel you’ve slept too much during your day off, that’s okay.

And if you have work, you can still go beyond seven hours of sleep if you need it, as long as you won’t be late for work the next day Time management will always be your friend to wind down a good night’s sleep.

Respect what your body needs, and it will give you what you need.

Avoid smoking

We all know the dangers of smoking. Aside from the fact you may be a candidate for cancer or other types of serious diseases, it can also make you look older too.

Smoking makes your skin dry and gives you baggy eyes and deeper wrinkles. It can also cause discoloration on your nails and teeth.

Nicotine clings to hair, clothes, and even walls, which can put your family’s health at risk if you smoke around them. 

Stop smoking as early as you can to enjoy healthier years ahead.

Manage stress like a boss

Even the richest and happiest people deal with stress. It’s all about the way you handle it that makes you a better person.

If you feel you’re hitting rock bottom, think of your deepest WHY!

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, visualize a blissful moment to start your day with a positive mindset.

Stress cannot hurt you unless you let it. Anxieties cannot destroy you unless you let them. Keep in mind that you are stronger than you think you are. So manage stress like a boss! Never let it control you.

Stimulate your brain

Chess is one of the most popular games for older people since it has a lot of benefits. This is because when you play chess, you think carefully of what moves you have to do next and how your opponent will make theirs as well. This process actively engages your brain which strengthens your logical thinking and problem solving skills.

But if you’re not a fan of chess, there are plenty of brain exercises you can try such as learning a new skill, dancing, listening to music, and many more.

Brain stimulation will boost your mental health which will keep you mentally sharp for more years. You’ll also realize that the longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes. You’ll learn to appreciate simple living, which also boosts your mental health.

Smile and socialize

Smiling makes you look younger because wrinkles will only go where smiles have been.

Socializing helps too! If you always surround yourself with positive frequency, you are less likely to experience depression, loneliness, stress, and anxiety.

Socialization helps boost self-esteem and self-worth, although they’re things you can cultivate by yourself. Aging can be fun if you spend more time creating beautiful moments with the people you love and truly care about.


“Aging is just another word for living,” said Cindy Joseph, BOOM! founder and pro-age revolutionary. Remember to have a twinkle in your wrinkle! Embrace aging and stay happy and healthy through these seven tips.


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