How Simple Living Can Boost Your Mental Health

simple living boosts mental health

Most people don’t really pay much attention to this, but mental health is important for everyone. 

People go from the darkest moments in their lives to living a happy and fulfilling life. How did they manage it? ‘Simple living’. And if you’ve been through a lot, you can do it too! Because there’s nothing impossible for a person who wants to live a life of peace.

But the question is how? How does simple living really boost your mental health and how would you live a simple life?

Simple living and how it can boost your mental health

The beauty and power of minimalism

Simple aesthetic interior is what’s in right now. White walls and floors, houseplants, and wooden furniture combined, these are what people designed their houses to look like. Minimalism is trendy not just because it looks cool, but because it contributes to our physical and mental aspects in many ways.

White or light colors stimulate the relaxation process, while minimalism gives you a comforting space. These two help you think carefully, allowing you to focus on things relating to your time and energy. 


A simplified life removes unnecessary distractions that can lead to stress and too much work. We all have 24 hours a day, but if you feel you don’t have enough time for yourself or family, you need to reflect and adjust your time. Hustling won’t mean a thing if you skip self-love or you’re having relationship issues.

Once your mind is cleared up, you’ll have enough mental space to think about the things that you value the most. Like having more time with your kids, developing stronger bonds with your partner, or focusing on self-development.


The less time you give to yourself, the less valuable you might feel. There may be times you think that you’re not good enough for someone. But honestly, did you make a way to be good to yourself? Did you do something to care for yourself lately? Have you invested in your health and self-care? 

These simple things are what you should focus on. If you love yourself more, you’ll know your worth. Everything you need is already in you, and simple living is all enough to make you  realize that.


Psychology experts believe that you’re more likely to get mental illnesses and serious conditions like high blood pressure and stroke, if you’re always stressed.

Stress will always find its way to you because life is full of challenges. But how you deal with it is what makes you unique.

I asked old people aged 70 years and older what’s their secret to living longer. Some of them will tell me that material things don’t mean to them. Most of them told me they just want to spend time with their grandchildren. But the majority answered that they just want to be with their husband/wife every day. Because the older they get, the more they realize that having somebody around is all enough to make them feel alive.

Simple living is healthy

Simple living gives you more time to be healthy. Preparing salad is much easier than cooking pasta, not to mention healthier. Slicing fruits is better than ordering fast food, and less expensive too! This is the reality that people should keep in mind, but most insist on making things complicated. Adopting simple and healthy eating habits will contribute to your overall mental health because of the brain boosting minerals from the simple, whole foods and the stress-free meal plans you can come up with

Tips to live a simple life

  1. Know the reason why you want to live simply. Aside from boosting mental health, why do you want to live a simple life? Is it because of your principles? Or are you doing it for your family? Exploring your reasons will give you a logical goal on where to start.
  2. Declutter. We cling onto things because they give us wonderful memories. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided you keep them in a smart storage. A tidy and simple environment boosts your productivity and mood.
  3. Think before you buy. You deserve a reward for all your hard work. But do you really need it? Or are you just buying it because it’s on sale? Simple living makes you realize you don’t need to buy things that are not needed. Once you master this habit, you will save more time and money.
  4. Brain boosting supplements. Sometimes, all you need are supplements to support the missing nutrients your body needs.
  • Brain Booster is a nootropic supplement for focus, sharper memory, and renewed mental clarity. It can also lift your mood and help melt your anxieties away.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil has optimal benefits for brain function and the immune system. This supplement has DHA to support brain & neurological function to improve memory retention and concentration


              “You may have to fight a battle more than once, because mental health recovery doesn’t mean you’re done with the war.You may face the same problems more than once, and if you do, keep reading this blog as a good reminder that living a simple life can do greater things for you  than you could ever think of.


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