Healthy Habits to Keep in Mind While Working From Home

healthy habits while working from home

Working from home indeed has a lot of perks! You gather more time and energy, plus you save yourself from the difficulty of waking up early to prepare, the hassle commutes, crowded places, and long queues everywhere. Not to mention the struggle of finding the right clothes to look presentable at work.

Hate to slap you with the truth, but working from home has disadvantages too, which can bring negative effects to your health in general. In what way? Well, for starters, you’re not moving enough! You’re just sitting in your workplace all day, eating snacks, and eyes on the monitor for hours. Plus, you don’t have social and recreational activities. In the long run, you might have back and neck pains, creaky joints, and belly fats. 

Troubling right? But don’t worry, this blog  will share with you healthy habits to keep in mind while you work from home.

Create a schedule the night before

Planning keeps us organized to prevent being ‘too swamped’. There are days we thought we’re too busy, but honestly, we just failed to manage our time. The 80/20 Rule by Brian Tracy is one of the most helpful concepts to manage your time efficiently and productively. It focuses on goal setting and proper time management.

Build an ergonomic home office space

Most of us love working in bed or sitting lazily on the couch! However, we have to ditch this unpleasant habit because it may pose some health risks. Improper posture can cause dangers to your spine, joints, and muscles. Besides, an ergonomic work area will help you work efficiently. Design your area anyway you like it. You can also buy a gaming chair or use neck pillows for an added level of comfort.

Give yourself a break

Pay attention to what your body’s telling you. If you’re not feeling well, if your body aches too much, or your eyes hurt so badly, take a break. You’re a human being, not a robot. A short break won’t do any harm to your job. Taking constant breaks can contribute greatly to your health and wellness. 


Sometimes, we’re so preoccupied at work that we forget to drink water. Drinking coffee or energy drinks may also decrease your appetite for water. Using water bottles and hydration apps will help you keep track of your fluid intake. Keep in mind that nothing can replace the benefits of water to the body.


Prolonged sitting or lying down for too long may give you neck pain, heart problems, or muscle stiffness. That’s why experts recommend incorporating simple home exercises in your daily routine. 

Here are some that you can try:

  • Stretching exercises for joints and muscles
  • Neck rotation to ease or prevent stiff neck
  • Legs and arms stretching to improve blood circulation
  • Simple abs & core exercises to get rid of love handles

Choose your snacks wisely

Replace your usual unhealthy snack with fruits or veggies. Easy to say but hard to do, right? Although we know that junk foods are harmful to health, most people still prefer to eat them because they’re tastier and easier to prepare.

But imagine loading your tummy with trans fats, processed ingredients, and excessive sodium. What do you think will happen to your gut and overall health? Which is why it’s better to nibble fruits or veggie jerkies for a fun yet healthy snack!

Communicate & connect

Aside from physical health, your mental health should also be well taken care of. Communicating and connecting with your families or friends will save you from loneliness and burn out. Talking to them or seeing them for a bit can lighten your mood and make you feel happy. Not only that, socializing is also good for your brain health. So if you want to keep in touch with someone, now’s the best time to do it!

The bottom line:

If you won’t take care of yourself while working from home, you could pose a silent threat to your health. This is a situation that applies to not just working at home, but to everything you do in your life.

In all the things that you do, always be mindful of your health. Also, equip yourself with motivational health and wellness quotes to be reminded of what you should focus on daily.


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