This Is How Ginseng Improves Your Mental Health


This Is How Ginseng Improves Your Mental Health

Ginseng is a popular medicinal herb in Korea, China, Japan, and the United States because of its astonishing effects on the body and one’s wellness.

Of the many benefits of ginseng, the spotlight should be on how it supports our cognitive function and mental performance.

Many studies revealed that ginseng improves our mental health. How does this herb provide the brain with such extensive benefit?

Benefits of ginseng to the brain 

Ginseng protects your brain against degenerative diseases through the help of ginsenosides, the natural antioxidant compounds the herb contains.

These ginsenosides boost memory function. The active compounds prevent the accumulation of beta-amyloid in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, beta-amyloid is a sticky brain protein fragment that interferes with brain cells communication and kills them afterward.

Ginsenosides protect the brain from oxidative stress. When there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, oxidative stress occurs. If there are more free radicals in the body, they can damage our DNA, proteins, and lipids, which may eventually cause various diseases. 

Sleep has a direct impact on brain function and the balance between antioxidants and free radicals. In 2017, Phytotherapy Research published a study about how ginsenosides can ease memory deficits caused by sleep deprivation. 

Aside from minimizing oxidative stress, ginseng also prevents inflammation in the brain and modulates cell death

Ginseng controls neurotransmitter levels. It boosts vital neurotransmitters — the body’s chemical messengers — such as Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These chemical messengers keep our brain and the entire body functioning the way they should be.

This herb also increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein responsible for the growth of new brain cells and for keeping the existing cells healthy. It fights the ugly effects of stress in the brain and protects it from neurodegenerative diseases.

Speaking of stress, ginseng is a well-recognized adaptogen. Adaptogens like Panax ginseng manage your physiological responses to stress and fights off its effects on your body. They calm you down when you’re stressed and gives you an energy boost when you’re feeling sluggish.

Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives. There are different sources of stress and they’re everywhere. But it’s something manageable. How it affects you depends on how you handle the stressors.

Chronic stress may be detrimental to your physical and mental health. It can lead to depression. Ginseng can help safeguard your from depression as this herb can suppress stress. 

Like stress, aging also has a significant effect on our mental performance. As we age, our memory declines. The ginsenosides in ginseng enhance your antioxidants, which maintain your cognitive and memory functions despite your aging brain.

Taking a ginseng supplement daily can make a huge difference in your efforts of maintaining good mental health. Purely Optimal’s ginseng supplement contains 1200mg of Korean red ginseng per serving.

Aside from its mental support, you can get more health benefits if you get your daily dose of ginseng. Want to try it? Grab your bottle of Korean Panax Ginseng supplement today and experience true rejuvenation from within.  

How to take care of your mental health

Aside from taking ginseng daily, there are many ways you can improve your mental health and be happy.

  1. Take care of your physical health. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and stay hydrated.
  1. Handle stress better. What makes you stressed out and how will you react to it?
  1. Get plenty of sleep. Allow your mind and body to recharge fully with at least seven hours of sleep.
  1. Say no to vices. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and drugs.
  1. Keep your relationships strong. Don’t disconnect with people who matter in your life.
  1. Talk about how you feel. Turn to your significant other or your best friend when there’s something troubling you. Letting it out can make a difference.
  1. Keep the fun. Is there an activity that you really enjoy doing and makes you have fun? Continue doing it.
  1. Take a break. Go on a short drive every weekend. Plan monthly out-of-town trips. A change in environment will help refresh your mind.
  1. Give love. Doing acts of love for a special person in your life gives you the joy that makes your days more meaningful.
  1. Get close to nature. Enjoy the outdoors. You don’t have to go on a great adventure. Rediscovering God’s creations will help you realize how lucky you are to be alive.


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