11 Tips That Will Boost Your Way to 11 Line Abs

how to get 11 line abs

Gone were the days when we only associated a “toned tummy” with the typical six pack abs. Today, people (especially women) love the less-shredded version called the 11 line abs. What exactly are they and how are they different?

11 line abs are when you develop only the vertical lines for the definition of the abdomen. The sidelines mark the edge of the oblique muscles and thus reveal an “11 line” form. Many women are scared of overdoing the wrong workout plan and getting past the 11 line abs. When this happens, they end up revealing the six pack instead! 

Choosing between the two types doesn’t sound like a bad problem to have. But you have to ensure you become fit enough to get a trimmed waistline first. So here are 11 tips for you to get to 11 line abs faster than ever!

Lose Fat First

Before you get excited and do the curl-ups, remember that abs are muscles. These muscles will hardly show if you do not lose enough body fat. Although there are tons of ab workouts, you will find on the internet, bear in mind that a total body workout is key to losing weight.

And of course, when we lose weight, we lose body fat. Don’t underestimate the importance of cardio in your journey to defined abs! Cardio increases heart rate and helps burn more calories for overall weight loss.

Gain Muscles Like Mad

You can do all the running regularly and lose a lot of weight. But without muscle-building workouts, the abs simply won’t show. While some people stick to the usual routine like crunches, planks, mountain climbers, and sit-ups, other workout types can be helpful to your routine.

Consider adding High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT and resistance training to boost the fat burning process and gain more muscles.

Bloating is your enemy

You might be surprised how many people don’t even realize they’re bloated. It’s easy to overlook bloating because it’s not a harmful condition by itself, but if you want those abs, they can be a real problem.

A bloated stomach can’t show you the abs you work so hard for! It is also essential to explore what’s causing your bloating and eradicate the food that causes it. 

One helpful supplement to have would be Probiotics. Each probiotic pill contains millions of good bacteria that retain the balance of bacteria in your gut. If taken regularly, your waistline won’t only look better, but you will feel better!

No More Sugar Rush

Are you a sweet tooth? Then you have a lot to give up to get those abs! Sweets often give you excess calories that cause weight gain. Food with low nutritional value but high calories should never be seen in your pantry or fridge.

Some examples would be chocolates, cakes, soda, sugary cereals, and candies. Sugar is also present in the form of carbohydrates, and taking food high in carbs can also make you gain more weight. You might have to give up bread, pasta, and refined grains. 

But don’t focus too much on the sweet side. Fried food and processed meat are just as bad! Stay away from fried meat, hotdogs, fries, and burgers, among others.

Cut the Alcohol

Taking too much alcohol will make it harder for your body to tone. When we work out, our muscles get damaged, and it repairs itself, but alcohol can get in the way in that vital process. 

Another downside of alcohol intake is that it disrupts a better sleeping cycle. This shouldn't be taken lightly as the body can only produce human growth hormone (HGH) during snooze time. These hormones are vital for maintaining and building muscle mass.

Work Out On An Empty Stomach

When we work out, our bodies burn calories. The main reason why working out before meals can be good is that the calories that our bodies burn first are the stored fats. If you workout with a full tummy when you exercise, your body normally burns the new calories you just took in.

Doing this will also encourage the body to utilize stored fat for fuel, which is an effective way to lose weight. Some supplements help the process get faster, such as our Keto BHB.

Stress Can Make a Mess

Too much stress can affect not only mental health but also our physical health. The surprising part? Stress can lead to extra weight, particularly around your abdomen.

While stress belly is not a medical diagnosis, it’s definitely a sign that something’s not right. When a person is stressed for too long, a hormonal imbalance is actually at play. 

Cortisol is a hormone that helps control blood sugar and metabolism. This hormone remains when a high level of stress is prolonged, resulting in retention of high blood pressure and blood sugar.

A few ways to avoid stress are meditations, regular exercise, socializing with friends, and getting adequate rest.

No to Overtrained Abs

Yes, it’s possible to overtrain the abs portion and still not get the abs of your dreams. Why is this so?

Some people think that if they have too much fat on their stomachs, then they should focus on training in that area. While doing this would strengthen your core’s endurance and strength, it won’t necessarily burn off fat. 

The reason? Your body takes energy from your whole body when exercising, not just from one area. The key is to burn overall fat through a caloric deficit.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

There are a few speculations about having better abs with less water intake. Don’t believe this! Staying hydrated is crucial to boost metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn fat and achieve those 11 line abs.

Some research also shows that proper water intake reduces appetite. Taking 1-2 liters of water a day will keep you well-hydrated.

Consistency is Key

Don’t despair when you see someone else is getting closer to those abs faster! It doesn’t mean that you’re not working hard enough.

Our bodies are unique and may respond to training and diet changes in different ways. A common mistake that people make is that they give up too quickly. A realistic goal would require a realistic timeline!

Laugh It Away!

Many people don’t know that they unintentionally tone their abs when they laugh. When we laugh, the muscles in our stomachs expand and contract! These motions are similar to what occurs during abdominal exercises.

What better way to get to your dream abs than to laugh your way to it? This is easily a favorite tip of ours, for sure! But remember that this is only a great addition to an existing diet and workout routine, as nobody laughs continuously for hours!

The Bottom Line

There’s so much more to getting those desirable 11 line abs than sit-ups and crunches. It requires changes in your lifestyle and diet, and then being firm enough to really stick to it.

They aren’t just defined abs - those abs define you and how hard you work for them! At the end of the day, it’s not just the abs that you get, but also a more optimal version of you!

Before you go, here are abs workout you can try at home:


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