31 Days of Christmas Checklist: How to Have the Best Holiday Ever

31 Days of Christmas Checklist: How to Have the Best Holiday Ever

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! And even though we’re about to bid goodbye to 2022, there are still plenty of ways to make December a month to remember.

Brace yourself because we’re about to show you how to make this holiday season your best one ever!

Day 1: Decorate for Christmas

How would you call it a “December to remember” if there are no Christmas decors? If you already have your Christmas tree, we’re sure you have your tree topper right up there.

Remember to put other house decorations too, like the Santa Claus figures, holiday gnomes, Christmas socks, garland, wreath, and candles.

Day 2: Make a Christmas wishlist

If you’re a person who loves to make gifts list, don’t forget to make a wishlist for yourself as well.

On a cute holiday card, list down the things you want to have this Christmas. Then put it in the Christmas tree because you may never know who your generous Secret Santa is.

Plus, since you’ve made an outstanding job this year, you deserve to buy the things you have in your wishlists.

If you can be a Santa for everyone, you can also be a Santa for yourself.

Day 3: Try a refreshing Christmas drink

Make a refreshing Christmas beverage for yourself to truly appreciate the spirit of this season. You may go for a Christmas mocktail or try the old-fashioned eggnog (for a light alcoholic drink).

Day 4: Take yourself to a shopping spree

Tick some items off your wishlist by taking yourself to shopping. You’ll be amazed by how joyful it feels to buy the things that you want during this holiday season.

Just don’t forget to buy the ingredients you’ll be needing on Christmas eve & Christmas day.

Day 5: Enjoy the Christmas decorations and lights in the neighborhood

Spend some time walking around your neighborhood to admire their holiday decorations. Doing so will make you feel and appreciate more the warmth spirit of Christmas, which is good for your physical and mental health.

Plus, you can get decoration ideas for your house too.

Day 6:  Have a phone-free day

We all know the importance of our phones these days. But too much phone stimulation can cause stress and eye strains.

To better accomplish this month’s most relaxing holiday, choose one day (if not today) where you’re not too busy at work and your errands so you can have a phone-free day.

Day 7: Treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop

Looking for the best time to go to the nearest Starbucks in your area or your favorite coffee shop? Now’s the perfect time to do it! Buy your favorite coffee or hot cocoa while enjoying the Christmas view.

Day 8: Share your blessings today

Sharing your blessings doesn’t always have to be expensive. Giving your old clothes and your kids’ toys as a donation will already make a lot of people happy, especially children who need them the most.

You can give small gifts to your friends and colleagues to show them your gratitude. You can also bake delicious Christmas cookies/pie and give it to your family as a token of your appreciation.

Day 9: Shop local

Shopping locally is one of the best ways to support your community. Plus, they have the cutest Christmas decorations that will surely fit the neighborhood’s vibe.

You can also go on seasonal eating. Buy the freshest fruits and vegetables in your area and you’ll be surprised by how delicious they taste.

Day 10: Make yourself a cozy meal

Nothing still beats the feeling of making yourself your favorite holiday comfort food rather than ordering takeout. It’s healthier and cheaper too.

Day 11: Watch a Christmas movie

Want to feel nostalgic this Christmas? Watch “Home Alone” 1 & 2, “The Grinch”, and “Elf”. Don’t forget your popcorn and beverage for a more relaxing day.

Day 12: Be a couch potato

Since you’ll be busy the following weeks, it’s time to be a couch potato today.

If other people are going on holiday shopping, it’s your day today to relax and do nothing.

Remember, you already went shopping eight days ago to buy all your Christmas must-haves. So now, just watch your favorite movies or series while munching on your favorite snacks and beverage.

Day 13: Invite some family or friends over

Don’t wait for Christmas to bond with your family and friends. You can ask them to come over and have simple celebration, with simple snacks, meals, and beverages.

You can also play board games, guessing activities, or just have chit chats. Then after that, invite them over for Christmas eve or Christmas day itself. Or better yet, ask them if you can go to their place instead.

Day 14: Buy a plant

Plants are healthy for you. If you have a garden, you can buy seeds and plant them. If not, you can buy little plants and grow them.

Succulents and cactus are more low maintenance and perfect if you’re a minimalist. They will look good in any areas in your home.

Day 15: Read a Christmas book

Not a fan of books? Now’s the time to try to read one. You don’t have to finish the whole book in one sitting. Even just one page a day will do fine. What matters is you try.

There are plenty of great novels that are even better than movies. And most of them are just sitting in the bookstore, waiting to be read.

31 Days of Christmas Checklist: How to Have the Best Holiday Ever

Day 16: Give baked cookies or candies to children

Even though adults are excited for Christmas, children are even more hyped for the holiday season. They only focus on Christmas time and get more excited as the day becomes closer and closer.

Since Christmas is all about giving, expressing love, and spreading joy, buy Christmas candies or bake healthy cookies and display them on your porch. Then leave a note for children to read, like “Get one candy and one cookie for yourself, and give the other one to your chosen person.”

It’s like Halloween trick or treat, but the Christmas version where you’re teaching children to spread love and kindness.

Day 17: Sing and dance a Christmas song

You might be thinking and preparing a lot before the big day comes. Stop worrying for now and sing or dance your heart out with your favorite Christmas song.

Some good suggestions: play “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, “Shake Up Christmas” by Train, and the Jackson 5 Christmas playlists.

Day 18: Plan ahead

List all your ideas and suggestions for Christmas day like games, prizes, and meals to prepare. Or if you’re going on a vacation, pack ahead of time.

This will prevent you from rushing during the last minute. Or worst, forgetting something important on that day.

Also, finish all your deadlines and paperworks before Christmas day arrives to prevent thinking about your unfinished tasks during the big day. It will only ruin the mood.

Day 19: Wear Christmas PJs

Pajamas are really comfortable to wear any time of the year. But let’s put a twist to it by wearing matching Christmas pajamas to better feel the genuine spirit of this holiday season. You’ll look cute on it, don’t worry.

Day 20: Take polaroid pictures

If you have a polaroid camera, take photos of your Christmas tree, take a selfie in your most favorite place, or take pictures of the wonderful scenery in your neighborhood.

If you don’t have a polaroid camera, just take pictures with your phone and print it. It’s good to have printed pictures you can store in your photo album, because those memories cannot be deleted. You can also add more photos to be printed during the Christmas celebration.

Day 21: Spend the whole day shopping ‘wisely’

You can still buy all your Christmas gifts and must-haves without breaking the bank or exceeding your budget.

Buy the most important ones first. And since you already bought the ingredients, you’ll be needing on Christmas dinner (you did this on day 4), today, you can buy the stuff you’ll be needing in your house like toiletries, table napkins, and other self-care items. The best thing about buying these items during the holiday is that most of them come in Christmas editions which will look good in your house and bathroom.

After you buy all the necessities, it’s time to buy gifts for your family, relatives, and friends. Remember, presents don’t need to be expensive. You can hoard similar items like budget-friendly makeup pouches for your cousins, on-sale beauty care essentials for your aunties and female friends, Christmas shirts for your uncles and male friends. And then something special for your parents and siblings.

Day 22: Gift wrapping

Today is a wonderful day to wrap all the presents you bought for everybody. 

If you got a lot of items, just simply and neatly wrap them. No need for extra ribbons or double-wrapping designs. This will save you more money, effort, and time. Just don’t forget to leave a simple sticky note with a lovely message on it.

Don’t forget to leave a little present for yourself, too. Even though you already know what’s inside, it’s still good to open something for yourself during Christmas day.

Day 23: Play in the snow

You’re never too old to play in the snow. That joyful feeling after you make your own snowman, Christmas angel, or have a snowball fight with others will truly make your holiday complete.

If it doesn’t snow in your area, you can go to the ocean park or the water park. They usually have featured spaces where there’s snow and penguins. It’s fun to feed the penguins too or maybe you can go ice skating.

Day 24: Christmas eve

You have been preparing for the last couple of weeks before Christmas day arrives. Today, take a moment to appreciate your Christmas tree, the decorations that you put, and those beautifully wrapped presents you’re excited to give away.

After that, play some Christmas songs and upbeat music while preparing your Christmas eve meals.

Since tomorrow will be Christmas day, you can spend this day either alone, with your family, or someone very important to you. Don’t forget the wine! But do drink in moderation because tomorrow is another day to celebrate.


Today is the big day! Get up early, make a hearty breakfast, clean the house, prepare everything that is needed for the day, take a relaxing bath, and put on your Christmas outfit.

If you have people coming over, you can play some loud music while waiting. But if you’re heading out, don’t forget to put your Christmas happy face on.

This day is about spreading love, joy, and happiness while embracing the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year. 

Enjoy and have fun today! Don’t open those presents yet, save them for tomorrow.

Day 26: Gift opening

Christmas isn’t over yet. It’s still December. Now’s the terrific time to open the presents you received yesterday.

You can also check the photos and  take a good look at the happy moments you’ve had on Christmas day.

Day 27: Cleaning and decluttering

To give way to the new things for the next year, clean your house and check your shelves & wardrobe for stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Compile them all in one box, but don’t throw them away. You still can donate them and make someone smile today.

Day 28: How to start the new year right?

Another year is coming. Another year to grow, learn, be more productive, and be successful.

What are your plans for the next year? Write them down. What’s in your bucket list? What are your new year's resolutions? 

Always look forward to better things, but be grateful for what this year has given you.

Day 29: Preparing for the New Year celebration

Shopping isn’t over yet. Don’t pack your Christmas tree and decors yet. Rather, spend this day buying all the things you need for New Year celebration.

Find out what is the lucky color next year, and buy an outfit of that color so you can wear it on New Year. 

Buy stuff that you will need based on your tradition, and the items that you consider lucky. Welcome the New Year with positive energy and manifestation.

Day 30: Relax

Holiday preparations, Christmas shopping & celebration, cleaning & declutter New Year preparations are all blissful moments, but also tiring at the same time.

Restore your energy by taking this time to relax before tomorrow comes since you’ll be preparing for New Year’s eve and countdown.


Today is another big day to celebrate! Play some lively and upbeat music while preparing for tonight’s celebration.

After all the errands, you can relax for a while or take a nap. But make it sure all the meals are prepped and ready, and you have reached out your family or friends to come over.

When the evening comes, put on your OOTD, turn on the TV for the New Year countdown, and celebrate the remaining moments of this year as you welcome the new year with the people you love the most.

31 Days of Christmas Checklist: How to Have the Best Holiday Ever


Whether you’re celebrating this holiday season with your family, friends, or somewhere else, you can still bring Christmas with you anywhere. After all, the true spirit of Christmas lies within your heart.

Happy holidays from the Purely Optimal family! May you have the most relaxing holiday season and a wonderful December to remember.

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