5 Helpful Ways to Care For Your Eyes

ways to care for eyes

How well do you take care of your eyes?

Adulting life is never easy! Priorities increase and you may notice a few health issues arising too. Sad, but true. 

As you grow older, you become more susceptible to age-related health problems. The common ones  include poor metabolism, unhealthy cells, memory loss, and poor eyesight. Even your taste buds may decrease their sensitivity. How surprising is that?

Out of all our five senses, our sight claims the throne of being the most important and dominant among the others. Which is why your eyes need the utmost care that you give to the other parts of your body. 

In this blog, we’ll give you valuable tips on how you can take care of your windows to this wonderful world -- your eyes.

5 helpful ways to care for your eyes as you age

Healthy foods lead to balanced diet

A balanced diet is composed of healthy foods, so the healthier your meals  are, the more well-rounded your diet becomes. This contributes to your overall well-being and that includes your eye health. Aside from underlying eye problems, lack of nutrition is also a major cause of poor eyesight and poor eye health.

Healthy foods for eyes are anything from green to dark veggies,  citrus foods, fish, nuts, and seeds. All of these foods provide omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc and vitamin C. Just exactly what your eyes need!

Regular exercise for a healthy weight

Exercising regularly helps maintain a healthy weight. Managing your weight lowers your risk of diabetes, which can affect your eye health. High levels of blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels in your eyes that can result in eye problems Diabetes can also cause the inside of the lens to swell.

Protecting yourself from diabetes also protects your vision. So apart from regular exercise, stay away from sugary drinks, excessive sweets, and fried foods.

Protect your eyes

Avoid looking directly at the sun or bright lights as these can cause permanent retinal damage. UV rays are also harmful for your eyes and it can increase your risk of getting cataracts and eye cancer. 

To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses during intense sunlight. You also have to wear protective glasses when working with things that involve chemicals, dust particles, and sharp objects. Computer glasses work best for anti-radiation purposes.

Practice better hygiene for the eyes

To observe proper hygiene for the eyes, avoid rubbing them if you’re not sure that your hands are clean. You’re prone to germs, infection, and irritation once you touch your eyes with those dirty hands.

For those who use eye makeup, make sure you replace your products from time to time. Disregard any mascara and liquid eyeliners after three months of usage. 

Those who wear contact lenses must clean and disinfect them as per instruction. Lense solutions also come with an expiration date so discard them accordingly.. Make sure you follow these care instructions to avoid eye infection.

Get regular trips to the doctor

Your eyes are precious, get them checked. Visiting an eye doctor will make sure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Regular checkups will prevent or treat any eye issues before they get worse. Eye doctors may also ask for your family’s medical history or conduct eye examinations to better take care of your eyes.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses and notice that your vision is changing, you may need a new set of glasses. If you’re having problems like red eyes, double vision, dizziness, or constant pain and swelling, a visit to an eye doctor should be your immediate action.


Your eyesight is a significant aspect of your being. Majority of what you do in your everyday life requires your sense of sight. By following these eye health care tips, you’ll enjoy and appreciate life more.


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