5 Lifestyle Upgrades for Men to Become Leaner & Stronger

5 Lifestyle Upgrades for Men to Become Leaner & Stronger

“A change in lifestyle begins with a vision and a single step.”

Behind every successful and strong man lies their high standards, powerful values, and firm discipline. These are the reasons why some men don’t seem to physically and mentally age.

‘Lean’ and ‘strong’ are what every man wants. But these two are not that easy to realize. In fact, they are even harder to achieve than a normal diet. 

What is a lean body?

Having a lean body involves the term ‘lean body mass’. This is your total body weight, including your body fat and muscle mass. 

Having a lean body simply means that your muscle mass has a higher percentage than your body fat. Some men have extreme lean diets, which eventually turn into a ‘shredded body.’ 

In terms of fat percentage, a lean body mass involves 7 to 10% body fat region. While a shredded body only has 4 to 7%. 

If you’re wondering what the primary advantage of having a lean body is, it will not only make you look great, but it will also give you a stronger body and a healthier mind over the long-term. Because as soon as you achieve this phase, it means that you have already managed your proper diet, and you have taken good care of your lifestyle. 

These are the keys to having a stronger physical body, better emotional wellbeing, and healthier mental state. Which will also eventually help slow down the effects of aging. 

Want to know the secret to achieving a leaner and stronger body? A better upgrade to your lifestyle is what you need – this is the only road that will lead you there. Because you can either have excuses or results, but you can never have both. 

How to do it? Here are five ways:

Have a consistent, balanced diet

have a balanced diet to Become Leaner & Stronger

The road to a leaner body mass involves a proper diet. And by that, it means giving up the carbs, sugar, and unhealthy fats. 

Intermittent fasting is an effective weight loss method. But if you want a stronger body, you need to eat more protein and avoid skipping meals. 

Carbs are also your biggest enemy. Because carbs that are consumed alone in high amounts, without the support of protein and vegetables, will only be converted into glucose. 

You’ll be needing high-protein foods such as chicken breast, salmon, eggs, Greek yogurt, white-fleshed fish, low-fat cottage cheeses, tofu, peanut butter, and lean beef.  

Low-calorie veggies like mushroom, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, and bell peppers are also great additions to your diet. And if you want to fully drop the body fat percentage, stay away from saturated fats. 

It’s also very important to eat on time:

  • For breakfast: the ideal time should be 7 to 8am. Don’t have it later than 10am. Also, keep in mind to eat at least 30 minutes after waking up. 
  • For lunch: the ideal time is between 12:30 to 2pm. Don’t have it later than 4pm. And the ideal time gap for your breakfast and lunch should be 4 hours away.
  • For dinner: the ideal time is between 6 to 9pm. Don’t have it later than 10pm. And your meal should be 3 hours before you sleep. Also, no food 1 hour before bedtime.

Drink your fiber

drink your fiber to Become Leaner & Stronger

Fiber is like a sponge. It attracts or absorbs the water in your stomach. The higher the amount of water in your gut increases, the more you’ll feel full.

In addition to that, fiber also activates the glucose receptors on your muscle cells, therefore helping to lower the insulin levels.

Insulin plays a major role in appetite. If your hormones are balanced and under control, you can eat less without easily feeling hungry.

You can eat foods that are high in fiber but low in carbs. But a simpler or more convenient way to supply your body with enough fiber is to drink it. Opt for sugar-free fiber drink as an alternative to your protein snacks or meal.

You can also try our Keto BHB powder as your pre- or post-workout drink. It contains soluble fiber for better digestion, supplies your body with the essential electrolytes, and helps your body run on clean fuel through ketones.

Train more often

train more often to Become Leaner & Stronger

No lean and strong body comes from infrequent trainings. If you want to achieve this kind of body goal, you need to train more often.

Evaluate your workout and check your BMI (body mass index) often to track your progress. This way, you can adjust your diet and workout program if you don’t see even minor changes after a month or so.

You can also mix up your workouts if you’re used to your old programs. If you’re lifting weights, gradually increase the amount of weights “if” you feel that what you’re lifting becomes lighter or easier.

If you can finally do more repetitions in a given weight that you started, it’s time to increase the weights. Don’t do an extreme, heavy lifting yet. Make sure that you can properly lift the weights you added with proper posture, with few sets and repetitions.

It’s also important to check your posture from time to time to make sure your muscles are properly activated, and to avoid injuries such as spine curvature, joint degeneration, and back pain. 

Recovery is the key to muscle growth. So even if you want to become leaner, you need a day or two to rest before you start to work out or lift weights again. Don’t stress your muscles too much.

You can also pair up your workout program with our Thermogenic Burner supplement for your smarter way to lose those extra pounds. It helps manage your weight and metabolism, as well as improve your focus & mental clarity. Taking this supplement daily alongside your diet and exercise will help you lose the fat, but not the energy & focus.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep

get enough sleep to Become Leaner & Stronger

If recovery is the key to muscle growth, sleep is the key to optimal health.

If you’re giving your mind and body the sufficient amount of sleep it needs, you will have the ability to perform your day-to-day activities, and you will also have the strength to accomplish your training routines.

Never lift heavy weights if you slack sleep. This can lead to overfatigue and fainting. And don’t exercise too much if you lack sleep. This can lead to energy run out and over-exhaustion.

Train not just your body, but also your mind 

train your mental health to Become Leaner & Stronger

Let’s face it, at times, it’s difficult to focus on your workout or prepare yourself a  nutritious meal if you’re too stressed out. This is also one reason why some people lose the motivation to continue their fitness goals. 

Always look out for your mental health and make it a habit to meditate atleast 5-15 minutes everyday. Develop a powerful mind that your body can follow, because all the resources and drive you need are in your mind.

Furthermore, if you want to become a better and stronger version of you, only compare yourself to yourself. It’s okay to have fitness inspiration but always remember that you’re different from them, and your body type could differ from them, too.

It doesn’t matter what others are doing. What makes a difference is what you do for yourself and how committed you are.

“The mark of a great man is one who knows how to set aside distractions and excuses in order to accomplish greatness.”


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