5 Tips to Become a Healthy and Happy Woman

become a happy and healthy woman

Remember when you were young? You have nothing else to think about other than playing with your friends, sleeping when you’re tired, and eating your favorite food.

But as you grow older, your routines and priorities change. You work, earn money, chase after your dreams, build relationships, and strive to find that someone or something you think could fill in that missing part of your life. And as your obligations multiply, you become exhausted to the point that you feel you’re less happy and healthy than you were as a kid.

Dear, remember this: you can become a strong, healthy, powerful, and beautiful woman all at the same time. You just need to know how, and this blog will give you five tips  to do that!

A healthy and happy woman has calm mornings

“I’m not a morning person!” 

“It’s too A.M. for me!” Ever heard of these from somebody?

study says that being a morning or evening person is inborn, genetic, and very hard to change. However, there are excellent ways to keep your morning calm and peaceful as possible. Do that by stretching your body, eating a healthy breakfast, being grateful, and smiling even with no particular reason.

You also can also start your day with a positive mindset to end each day with positive results.

Always make time to move

Nowadays, people are becoming more careful because of safety reasons, but this also results in being dormant.

Before, people who work in the office must get to walk and move more. But ever since this pandemic started and companies allowed employees to work from home, movements have been limited.

And if you’re one of those people, don’t be a hundred percent sure that your immunity is protected all the way through. Working from home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which also leads to weakened immune system. There are healthy habits to keep in mind while working from home.

Busy or not, always make time to be active. You just need proper time management and commitment to your exercise routines to become physically fit and mentally healthy.

Healthy foods + staying hydrated

Stress eating and cravings are said to make people feel better… Feel better but not healthier as these can lead to obesity and unhealthy weight gain.

If you’ve reached this point, know that there are effective ways to manage these unhealthy food cravings.

However, obesity is not the only issue here. People who are too conscious about their weight can resort to unhealthy diets and poor weight management.

Health is not about the weight you lose or gain, it’s about eating clean, loving those vegetables, and keeping yourself hydrated to achieve a longer and healthier life.

Respecting and listening to your body

Most of the time, the reason you get sick or unwell is that you ignore your body signals.

“Should I eat another cup of rice because I’m not full yet? However, I’m on a strict diet? Maybe I should, just for now. I’ll go back to my diet tomorrow.” You don’t need to be full to be satisfied. What you need is to eat on time and avoid unhealthy and refined high-carb food.

“Should I finish this entire bag of chips because the movie isn’t over yet?” No, you don’t have to. Just prepare yourself a nice, home-made snack to enjoy your movie without all the grease and salt.

“Should I pour another glass of beer because I don’t feel happy yet? But, my doctor said I could only drink 1 glass of beer a day. Maybe I should, because another glass won’t do any harm.” How sure can you be? 

If you know your ideas could be bad, then maybe you’re right. So stop, resist the urge, and listen to what your body tells you. Listening to your body is respecting your body.

Love yourself more

If you feel exhausted, tired and unhappy, you need to pause your tedious routines for a while and reset.

Spend quality time with people who matter the most to you, make time for daily self-care, and push yourself to take a break each week to do what you love. 

Investing in fitness and health will also protect you from illnesses and viruses that exist these days.

By doing these things, you’re loving yourself more, and you’re also teaching others to value you the way you value yourself.

Who knows? Maybe you can inspire others to be gentle and easy on themselves too!


Being a happy and healthy woman is something no amount of money can replace. Because the true abundance of life is genuine happiness and good health. Follow these 5 simple tips to take care of the superwoman in you!


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