Women’s Probiotics: The Complete Gut & Feminine Health Protection You Should Know About

women's probiotics benefits

Life is all about keeping the balance. As time goes on, you also evolve into different roles - as a career woman, a homemaker, a wife, a mother, and everything you are for the people in your life.

Balancing all the obligations you have while caring for yourself may seem to be a little overwhelming at times, but it’s clearly not impossible. To make sure you’re able to do the best that you can in all aspects of life, you need to stay healthy.

At least once in your lifetime, your body will experience imbalances and their effects might not be too prominent for you to notice or feel. Not until they begin to affect your performance, mood, or your daily life as a whole.

The parts of your body that are vulnerable to imbalances are your gut microbiome and your vaginal flora. You are most likely to experience gut health issues like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea if the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria. Or if there’s a shift in flora, an infection may be just around the corner.

What can you do to keep the balance in your gut and feminine health? Get complete protection that can shield you from these undesirable health issues!

Formulated for Women

Women’s Probiotics is more than just a digestive health supplement. It’s designed specifically to address women’s needs - gut and feminine health protection. Our supplement has potent probiotics count (60 billion CFU), organic prebiotic fibers, and UTI and Feminine Health Support complex.

Its promising content of probiotics from 10 powerful strains will give your gut microbiome the boost it needs to keep the bad bacteria from disrupting the balance. On the other hand, your friendly bacteria need to stay alive - and they need food. 

This is where our supplement’s organic prebiotics will do their job. The live microorganisms in your gut thrive when there are prebiotic fibers, which serve as their food.

Other probiotics supplement in the market may be as good as they claim to be but they’re not as potent as our Women’s Probiotics. Aside from it having 60 billion CFU of active probiotics, it’s formulated with UTI Support - a proprietary blend of D-mannose, Cran d’Or ProCran (a patented cranberry extract), and uva-ursi leaf extract.

What else is there? A Feminine Health Support composed of oregano leaf, black walnut hull, and pau d’arco bark extracts for extra vaginal health protection.

A Superior and Balanced Protection

Do you want to prevent tummy troubles, UTI, or yeast infection from disturbing your peace and bringing you discomfort? Looking for a supplement that cares for your health in different ways? Want to have a strong ally that will always make you feel empowered?

The role of probiotics and prebiotics in your digestive health is incomparable. They’re like the tiniest soldiers that can protect an entire universe - that’s you! Imagine your days when you’re not worried about your gut. How you can be so carefree while enjoying a delicious meal, how you can focus at work without a bloated feeling, and how it’s just so rewarding to always be in control of your days without an upset stomach.

If you think urinary tract infection is rare, you’re wrong. According to this article published in NCBI, around 50-60% of adult women will experience UTI in their lifetime and recurrences usually happen within three months since the first infection.

Our Women’s Probiotics will give you another shield of protection from having UTI. Preventing this infection from occurring means you won’t experience painful urination, fever or chills, and lower back pain. It’s something you wouldn’t want to have - ever. By keeping in mind other tips to inhibit UTI and taking our supplement daily, you can enjoy the best of every day!

Imbalance in the vaginal flora brings awful symptoms such as itching, burning, unpleasant discharge odor, and irritation. And you wouldn’t want any of these to ruin your day and your confidence!

Bacterial vaginosis is a common result of imbalanced growth of bacteria down there and one way to prevent this from happening is through the help of our supplement’s Feminine Health Support. The herbal extracts from this blend prevent yeast infection and with potent probiotics, they can bring back the balance in your vaginal flora.

Keeping your body free from these imbalances does not only make you healthy. It will also empower you. 

Get your Women’s Probiotics today and keep your gut and feminine health in optimal conditions. Stay well inside and out!


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