7 Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

7 Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

The freshly cut Christmas trees, the starry, starry night, and the smell of cinnamon sticks will truly fill your soul with wonderful joy and warmth in this time of the year.

This holiday season, everyone is busy as a bee to make Christmas day as beautiful as it can be. But don’t forget the one thing that is most important than anything else — your health. Because behind the blissful moments are health risks lurking around.

Since this is the coldest season, you’re prone to having weakened immunity, chronic stress, and lack of sleep. And these can all make you sick, which can also ruin your holiday. Don’t let health risks hinder you from having the best moments. Here are seven tips to avoid getting sick this season:

1. Get moving

Get moving as Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

I know this is the perfect season to stay on the couch all day, munching your favorite snacks and drinking hot cocoa with mallows, while binge watching your favorite Netflix series. It’s truly tempting to have a sedentary lifestyle, since holiday is all about relaxing and de-stressing. But when your body is not moving enough, you’re not sweating enough. And that can lead to obesity, weakened immunity, and muscle cramps.

Sweating helps control your body temperature. You don’t need to do extreme workout routines just to sweat (but if you want it, that’s fine). You can do other activities that will encourage you to move more, like walking around the neighborhood, playing games with your family or friends, or exploring new destinations.

2. Consider getting a flu shot

Help protect your body from common flu this season by getting a flu shot. This vaccine can help protect you from infection caused by influenza viruses.

You can ask from the nearest clinic or hospital in your area about vaccination schedules so you can add it to your top to-do list this holiday.

3. Eat healthy

Eat healthy as Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

Holiday brings plenty of delicious meals and desserts that may tempt you to eat lesser fruits and vegetables.

You can still enjoy the holiday traditional meals, while staying healthy through  seasonal eating. Fruits and vegetables during this season are more flavorful and cheaper too. So try as much to incorporate seasonal foods into your meals and avoid too much trans fats & saturated fats.

4. Take supplements

To boost your immune system this holiday season, pair a healthy diet and regular exercise with supplements.

Supplements like multivitamins and vitamin C contain nutrients that can help strengthen your immune system and fight common colds. They also make great addition to your daily routine in case you’re not getting the sufficient daily vitamins and minerals your body needs.

You can try any of these supplements below:

  • Women’s Multivitamins: this multivitamin for women contains 23 vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, organic fruit & vegetable extracts, which help support your energy and vitality, enhance stamina, strengthen your immune system, and gives healthy glow. 
  • Men’s Multivitamins: this multivitamin for men is also packed with 23 vitamins and minerals to support the immunity, heart, brain, muscles, and overall system. It also contains specific men’s health blend for prostate health and organic fruit & vegetable blend for better nutrition.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C: this vitamin C not just protects your immune system, brain & heart health, but it also has liposomes that carry the vitamin C straight to your cells where it is needed the most. With this supplement, you can safeguard yourself against undesirable health conditions that you may encounter during this holiday.
  • Probiotics 60B: a healthy gut also means stronger immunity. This probiotics supplement contains 60 billion CFU & 10 scientifically proven strains in each capsule that provide exceptional immune support, digestive health, and intestinal health.
  • Elderberry Capsules: our Elderberry capsules support the body’s natural defenses against common respiratory issues, helps relieve sinus problems, and fights seasonal allergies. 

5. Stay at home if you’re feeling sick

Stay at home if you’re feeling sick as Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

If you’re not feeling well, stay at home, get plenty of rest, and stay hydrated. Even if you really want to attend parties, going out while you’re sick can worsen your condition. And not just that, you can spread virus to other people too. So try your best to have sufficient sleep and rest so your body will heal and recover quickly.

Also, wear a mask and sanitize your hands when you go to crowded places. This will prevent your body from catching bacteria and viruses from other people and germs from surfaces.

6. Wash your hands

Since it’s wintertime, the cold virus is very common and can survive on various objects — even on your phone, computer keyboard, and door handles. Washing and sanitizing your hands regularly will prevent you from catching and transmitting germs from those objects.

Do the 7 steps of proper washing of hands to make sure you’re getting rid of all those icky germs and bacteria. Then dry your hands with a clean towel or tissue.

7. Relax and take it easy

Relax and take it easy as Effective Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Holiday

As fun and exciting the holiday is, you can still be prone to holiday stress. Learn to find ways on how to cope up with stress, and follow these beauty tips for a gorgeous holiday season.

Always take things easy. Don’t get yourself indulged in the holiday rush as this can bring negative effects to physical and mental health. And lastly, don’t get stressed with your deadlines. Rather, learn proper work-life balance.


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