Is There Really Any Benefit From Multivitamins?

Is There Really Any Benefit From Multivitamins

Multivitamins are one of the most commonly used supplements around the world. Their widespread popularity has multiplied in recent years because many people believe that multivitamins can bring optimal benefits to overall health, and may help compensate poor diet & eating habits. 

Some people also believe that multivitamins can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and health issues. And there are even specific multivitamins for men and women since they have different nutritional needs.

But the question remains, is there really any benefit from multivitamins? Do they really work to optimize your health?

A Brief of What Multivitamins Are

what are multivitamins

There are about thirteen vitamins and fifteen minerals that are needed to maintain a person’s health.

Most of these vitamins and minerals produce hormones and enzymes that can keep your organs, cells, and nerves to function properly. And in addition, to boost your immune system too.

These nutrients are needed for your maintenance growth, reproduction, and balance of bodily processes.

Multivitamins are supplements that contain some of these vitamins and minerals, but in different amounts. Most are also packed with other essential ingredients like fatty acids and amino acids.

These multivitamins are available in other forms aside from tablets and capsule, such as chewable gummies, liquids, and powders. They are also conveniently available in pharmacies, supermarkets, large stores, and online shops.

Good quality multivitamins that are manufactured from reputable companies make use of whole food and organic fruit & vegetable extracts.

Most men's and women’s multivitamins are not really that different from each other. And most brands contain the same blend of ingredients.

But the major differences would be the amount of the specific minerals that a man or a woman needs. Because a man’s body type, nutritional needs, and hormone levels surely differ from a woman’s.

If you want to know more about the difference between women’s multivitamins and men’s multivitamins, read further here.

Do Multivitamins Have Any Health Benefits?

multivitamins health benefits

Since multivitamins are packed with the carefully selected ingredients to support your vital functions and nutritional needs, they may provide some health benefits to your brain, organs, and body:

Heart Disease and Cancer

In an honest fact, some research don’t conclusively support that multivitamins can prevent heart disease. However, there’s a study that reveals women who took multivitamin for over three years have lower risks of dying from heart diseases. 

The Physicians’ Health Study II also stated that in long-term results, taking multivitamins daily may reduce the risk of cancer in men (even to those who have a family history of cancer).

Brain Function

Some small studies found that multivitamins can help improve memory and cognitive function for older adults.

There are also researches that stated how multivitamins can affect your mood. Particularly for some people that experience poor mood and nutrient deficiencies.

Nutritional supplements like multivitamins are linked to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Eye Health

One of the leading causes of blindness worldwide is age-related macular degeneration. 

There is a recent study that mentions how antioxidant vitamins and minerals can help slow down or prevent the progression of this eye health issue.

There is also some evidence that shows how multivitamins can reduce a person’s risk of developing cataracts.

Reminder When Taking Multivitamins

Reminder When Taking Multivitamins
  1. Some multivitamins can be taken once a day, while some recommend two to three times. Therefore, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions for maximum benefits.
  2. There are ingredients that are present in multivitamins which can interact with medications. So talk to your doctor first before introducing a new multivitamin to your routine. They can also recommend the best multivitamin for you.
  3. Pregnant women also need to talk to their doctor about the proper dosage of multivitamins. Excessive intakes can lead to congenital disabilities. 
  4. If you’re taking multivitamins alongside plenty of nutrient-dense foods, you may exceed the recommended daily consumption of nutrients. That being said, it’s important to watch your diet and multivitamins intake.
  5. High doses of minerals such as iron, folic acid, or amino acid can cause constipation, headache, stomach upset, and vomiting. This can also limit your body’s ability to absorb the sufficient amount of zinc needed. And men, particularly, should watch their iron consumption because they store more of it compared to women. 
  6. Too much iron intake can result in buildup of minerals and toxic levels, eventually causing liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, and heart disease.
  7. Choose the safest and most effective multivitamins by purchasing one that is made from pure-quality ingredients. It must also contain 100% natural whole food sources, must be made in an FDA-registered facility, is non-GMO, is USP & 3rd party lab tested, and GMP-certified. If you want to know more about these details, click here.

Here at Purely Optimal, we understand that looking for the best multivitamins that contain pure quality ingredients is hard. So the good news is, you don’t have to look further and spend a lot of time searching for the best multivitamins because we got you!

Purely Optimal’s Women’s Multivitamin - the supplement you need to keep you going

Our Women’s Multivitamin is formulated with the following ingredients to support the superwoman in you: 

  • Delivers 150 mg of women’s health blend
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  • Features 600 mg of organic fruit and vegetable extracts
  • Contains macro and microutrients 
    Purely Optimal Women’s Multivitamin

All the ingredients are carefully selected to help support your body to function optimally, as well as to enhance your stamina and improve your immunity & gut health. 

Why take our Purely Optimal’s Women’s Multivitamin?

  • Serves as a great addition to your daily self-care routine for a healthy self, healthy life
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Supports vital functions
  • Gives healthy glow
  • Protects cells from free radicals
  • Provide the all-day energy needed
  • Fill the nutritional gaps in diet
  • Packed with all the good stuff you need to help you live young and healthy and packed
  • Formulated with the ingredients that are intentionally curated to contribute to your overall body functions

Our Women’s Multivitamin is here to help you be that person you want to be - an active, healthy, and productive woman. Get it here now!

Here are 5-star reviews from our customers who have purchased our Women’s Multivitamin

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“I knew I needed a multivitamin and after taking this product for about 2 1/2 weeks I feel better. More energy and my hair and nails seem healthier.”


From Aloysius

“I was a little surprised by the 4 large capsule serving, but they are very easy to take. Additionally, there is no unpleasant odor, which is a problem I have with many vitamin supplements.

I have anemia and have to take prescribed iron supplements, so I really appreciate the low iron content in this product. There are few multivitamins that are low enough in iron that my doctor is okay with me taking it. There are even fewer multivitamins that meet this requirement, but also contain less common minerals, such as copper, which are helpful in blood production and the primary reason I am looking for a multivitamin.

My selection of this product was not made casually. I spent hours researching options in search of the best balance of supplements I wanted, lack of supplements I didn't want, and affordability. I feel like this has been a good addition to my already carefully constructed diet; I am very pleased with this product.”

Purely Optimal’s Men’s Multivitamin - your extraordinary companion to continue living your best life

Our Men’s Multivitamin is formulated with the following ingredients so you can be on top of your game with optimal energy and unstoppable spirit:

  • Packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals to support your heart, brain, muscles, and overall system
  • Features 150 mg proprietary specific men’s health for prostate and overall health
  • Has plant-sourced premium ingredients and superfoods for immune health
  • Loaded with probiotics and digestive enzymes blend for stronger gut and improved nutrient absorption
  • Contains antioxidants for immunity and vitality 
    Purely Optimal Men's Multivitamin

All the specifically tailored ingredients for your daily needs so you can have the advantage of achieving vitality, longevity, and overall wellness. 

Why take our Purely Optimal’s Men’s Multivitamin?

  • It’s the boost you need to level up your day, every day
  • Supercharges your health by fortifying immunity and improving digestion
  • Boosts muscle function, energy, and immunity to keep you stronger
  • Increases stamina and performance
  • Helps free up your mind so you can focus on the things you truly care about
  • Supports nutritional needs so you can take care of yourself and the people who matter most to you
  • Has countless benefits from multiple vitamins and minerals to help your body perform better
  • Makes you feel and look younger by getting the right nutrients and antioxidants

Our Men’s Multivitamin is your winning ally towards men’s health, so you can take care of your health and be your own hero. Try it now!

Here are 5-star reviews from our customers who have purchased our Men’s Multivitamin

From JD

“I’ve been using this mens multivitamin supplement & after 2 weeks, I already felt increase in my daily energy level and better sleep. With exercise, I highly recommend it.”


From Eward House.

“Works great! I feel a lot better after taking this product. I chose it specifically because it offers ingredients that most other multivitamin's do not.”


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