How to Make Valentine's Day Special When You're Just at Home

valentine date ideas at home

What are you up to this Valentine’s Day? Given that the pandemic is far from over, we listed down a few ideas on how you can have a romantic Valentine without leaving home.

Dates at home can help your relationship flourish even during a pandemic. You can have a good time while still cutting back on fancy restaurants. You can make simple enjoyments more memorable! Try these ideas and share a wonderful time with your partner this V-Day.

1. Serve breakfast in bed. One of the most romantic ways to start the day is breakfast in bed. Prepare a tray with fresh squeezed juice, seasonal fruits, and breakfast pastries. Decorate it with a small vase of cut flowers.

2. Prepare a movie night. Select a romantic film you've both enjoyed in the past or pick a title you've been waiting to see together. Upgrade your bowl of popcorn by adding sprinkling olive oil and rosemary. And the final touch? Curl up under a fluffy blanket.

3. Give each other a couple's massage. Invest in a massage table or use your bed. Buy some scented oils and wear plush robes. If you want to learn some effective massage techniques, browse videos on Pinterest or YouTube.

4. Share a candlelight dinner. Set the table with your dinnerware. Arrange fresh flowers and candles. Prepare your favorite dishes or select a recipe that looks romantic like seafood paella for two. Finish up with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Now how fancy can this get?

valentine date ideas at home

5. Make your own Valentine cake. If neither of you bakes, then this is a fun little adventure you can dive in together for the first time! Get your ingredients and find the perfect chocolate or strawberry cake recipe ahead of time so if anything goes wrong, you’ll have a plan B ready. 😉

6. Watch an online concert. For sure you can find an artist you like who’s set to go live on Facebook or Instagram on Valentine’s Day for a mini-concert.

7. Go camping. Pitch a tent in your backyard and break out your sleeping bags. You can tell each other ghost stories or pick up a book of poetry. Bring out some mugs of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows.

8. Set a picnic. Well, only if the amount of snowfall would allow you. Spread a blanket and lie out in the sun. Make your own roast chicken and potato salad or visit your local market for prepared dishes if neither of you likes to cook. If you don't have a backyard, use your balcony.

9. Play games. What’s your favorite board game? Go for the classics or any other games you can play. If your kids want to join, that may not be as romantic but for sure it would be a lot more fun!

Spending alone time with your partner is good for your emotional health, especially when you bring back memories of how you two fell in love. Remember that your relationships contribute to your overall happiness and wellness.

Romantic dates at home can help bring you closer together even if you don't have a lot of money to spend. Plan activities that you both enjoy and use your imagination to make every moment together even more special.


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