The Wheel of Wellness: Your Guide to Establishing a More Balanced Life

The Wheel of Wellness: Your Guide to Establishing a More Balanced Life

Balance is not something you find, it is something you create. 

For the past years, you have learned a lot of lessons and surpassed many challenges that make you wiser and stronger today. But have you checked your life balance lately? 

Most people overlook this simple, yet very important aspect. When your life is in chaos, you experience a lot of stress and exhaustion. But as soon as you learn the art of balance, everything will properly fall into place. But of course, it’s not that simple. There are certain areas that you need to evaluate, analyze, and know the importance of.

Don’t worry, we’re here to support your journey. Here are your guides to establishing a more balanced life.

The Wheel of Wellness

A balanced life is has stability in these aspects: spiritual, mental, health, physical, financial, occupational, environmental, and social. 

All these things are wired to your lifestyle, daily activities, and everywhere you go.

The Wheel of Wellness: Your Guide to Establishing a More Balanced Life
  1. Spiritual — sense of connectedness with something that is bigger than yourself, and your journey towards your purpose in life
  2. Mental — talks about your headspace, intellectual, and psychological health lately. As well as your cognitive function, decision-making skills, focus, and how well you manage your stress & anxieties.
  3. Health — includes your healthy lifestyle, habits, work-life balance, regular checkups
  4. Physical — how active you get, how regular you exercise, and if you’re getting enough sleep & rest
  5. Financial — your progress in finances, savings, emergency funds, sense of security, how well you’re working toward your goals
  6. Career — your sense of fulfillment and growth towards your career, job or business
  7. Environmental — your actions and care towards the environment, as well as the understanding of how significantly it affects every human being’s health
  8. Social — deals with your sense of belongingness to people (especially for family), interpersonal relationships, building new connections, and improvement towards socialization skills (particularly if you’re an introvert)

The Balance Assessment Tool

The Wheel of Wellness: Your Guide to Establishing a More Balanced Life

Since you already know the wheel of wellness, in order to find stability and steadiness in life, you must then identify how satisfied you are in each aspect. 

Rate the following areas from 1 being the lowest, to 10 being the highest. Be honest in answering. 

  • Your spiritual connection: __/10
  • Your mental connection: __/10
  • Your health connection: __/10
  • Your physical connection: __/10
  • Your financial connection: __/10
  • Your occupational connection: __/10
  • Your environmental connection: __/10
  • Your social connection: __/10

Now that you’ve evaluated every category in the wheel, gradually work on the areas that are poorly rated. Try your best to balance the numbers and trust the process. 

Achieving a balanced life is never easy, but it is one of the greatest key to a happier, more productive, and stable life.

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