Top 7 Uncomplicated Ways to Beat Emotional Burnout

how to beat emotional burnout

“A stressful life leads to the negligence of spirituality and wellness. Balance is everything.”

When you're given the gift of unique skills and a powerful personality, you think you can do a lot of things in life. And it feels like nothing will ever come your way, as long as you stay focused and tough. But read this: you can do anything, but not everything.

And that’s totally okay.

You’re human, not an AI machine, nor a robot. Burnout happens when you avoid being human for too long.

And once you’re having the signs of mental exhaustion, don’t ignore them even if you think you’re a strong person who never backs down from a fight. You need to take a breather.

Burnout can manifest physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Here are seven uncomplicated ways to beat emotional burnout to find that balance again:

Connect and take a break

Burnout happens when you ignore that voice inside you telling you to pause.. Take breaks from whatever’s causing your emotional breakdown. May it be your job, your business, your friends, or your current relationship.

Disappear for a while in order to give your mind and body a rest. You deserve that inner peace.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation why you’re doing this. Just because you take breaks doesn’t mean you’re broken in a way.

You can also connect to a person you know you can trust. Talking to someone allows you to release that pain and burden in your heart.

Go on a vacation and just relax

You’ll always have difficulty finding happiness if you’re too tired and burned out. You often feel that everything is too heavy to deal with, even if they’re just minor issues, and nothing excites you anymore.

What is life without excitement and happiness, right? So go ahead and take that vacation you deserve. Or maybe, find the best ways you can have total relaxation.

People who are dealing with major emotional and mental breakdown are recommended by their doctors to take a trip. You don’t  need to reach this serious issue before you take action.

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and that joy will burn out the pain.

Take some time to assess yourself

Now that you have taken breaks and relaxation, it’s time to get back to reality.

Take some time to ask yourself, “what’s weighing me down?” You need to breakaway from emotional exhaustion, and one way to do that is to eliminate the stressor.

This process won’t be easy, but it’s all going to be worth it in the end. 

But before you do this, find a quiet place for you to reflect. This will also allow you to connect with yourself deeper, which is also beneficial for your spiritual health.

Practice mindfulness

What you feed your brain is also what you feed your body and emotions.

You can either be an optimistic or a pessimistic person. But there's nothing in between.

Meditation and deep breathing will help you practice mindfulness, since you’re letting the negative energy out, and the positive energy in.

Sometimes, the most important thing in a whole day is the rest you take between two deep breaths.

Have enough sleep

Sometimes (or maybe most of the time), all you need is enough sleep and rest to beat emotional burnout. 

Once your body receives sufficient sleep for repair and recovery, you will wake up feeling energized and refreshed; ready to face the day.

Lack of sleep will only lead to mood swings and unproductivity. Also, it is harmful for your health. So never ignore once your body demands for more sleep or rest.

Eat right

The nutrition that comes from the food you eat affects the cognitive function of your brain, as well as your mood. 

When you stick to a healthy diet, your weight becomes manageable and you start to feel good about yourself. 

You can still eat the food you love if you’re stressed out. But don’t make it a habit! 

Some people resolve to stress eating, which is not good for their overall health. 

Stress should never be an excuse to do or have anything excessively.. 

But if you’ve had too much carbs, gluten, or sweets, 15 drops of Liquid Chlorophyll is enough to detox your body and liver.

Do more of the things you love

If you feel emotionally exhausted, do the things you love that will make you feel good about yourself again.

There’s too many responsibilities and priorities going through your life that you only have little time to do the things you’re passionate about.

Doing the things you love will bring back the old you - the person who is always happy, lovely, and full of enthusiasm.

Remember, you’re not born to just work and grind, you’re born to enjoy life!

A friendly reminder so you can be gentle to yourself:

Doing your best does not mean working yourself to the point of emotional breakdown and burnout. Establish a healthy work-life balance so you can have more time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy life.

Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. Emotional health is just as important as physical and mental health.


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