What Is DIM and How Can It Improve Your Health

What Is DIM And How Can It Improve Your Health

Hormones control most major functions of the body and play significant roles in our health and well-being. But to fulfill their duties and save you from serious health risks, these hormones must be in proper balance.

Lucky you, there is a natural substance that can empower you against hormone-related health issues. It’s called diindolylmethane or DIM.

What is it and how can it protect your health and well-being?

What is DIM

DIM is a natural substance produced when the body breaks down the compound called indole-3-carbinol. This compound is present in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.

You can also get DIM in supplement form so you can get the beneficial dosage without having to consume kilos of broccoli in one day.

Health benefits of DIM

DIM could take away your worries over different hormonal health issues. These are some notable benefits you can get from DIM: 

It balances your hormones.

When our body breaks down DIM, it results in the formation of the “good” estrogen (2-hydroxyestrone or 2-OHE1) and the “bad” estrogen (i.e. 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone or 16 alpha-OHE1). DIM promotes a balanced ratio of good to bad hormones.

It helps women deal with PMS and menopause symptoms.

Don’t you wish premenstrual syndrome and post-menopausal symptoms never exist? If you feel like your hormone imbalance is getting the best of you, don’t fret because DIM will be your ally here.

As DIM maintains a healthy level of estrogen, it will help you deal with menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and slowed metabolism. DIM will also help you get out of the roller coaster ride of emotions brought by the physical changes linked to menopause. 

It fights hormone-dependent cancers.

Have you been searching for ways to prevent cancer cells build-up?

Too much bad estrogen makes you susceptible to hormone-dependent cancers. DIM regulates your estrogen levels to increase your defense against breast, uterine, colorectal, or prostate cancer. Consider yourself lucky to have an added protection against the Big C!

Knowing that there’s a supplement that can prevent the growth of cancer cells, you can continue enjoying life more.

It stops weight gain.

Have you tried different diet and slimming exercises but still can’t achieve your ideal weight?

Hormones affect your body weight. It is the high level of bad estrogen that makes your body store unnecessary fat.

If you take DIM daily, it will help balance your hormone levels, which will cause increased metabolism. This lessens the amount of fat to stay in your body.

So instead of eating 10 pounds of cruciferous vegetables, take one capsule of 100g DIM daily and lose those unwanted fats.

It prevents acne breakouts.

Did you ever lose hope in treating your acne?

Hormonal imbalance could be something you didn’t care much about until you discovered it as the culprit to your acne breakouts. Excessive estrogen level triggers other hormones like androgen — a high level of which causes acne to map your face continuously.

Gone are the days when you’re clueless about why you’re having such a hard time treating your acne. Let DIM supplement do you what your anti-acne skin care products did not deliver.

It supports muscle mass growth.

DIM has become popular among men as it boosts testosterone levels. DIM inhibits the aromatase enzyme, blocking testosterone to convert into estrogen. This promotes a healthy hormonal balance in men.

In particular, bodybuilders found DIM beneficial as it supports muscle mass growth, reduces fat levels, improves lipid profiles, and enhances athletic performance — all associated with the male sex hormone.

DIM Supplement

Our DIM + BioPerine supplement works to balance your hormones and keep you safe from hormone-related health problems. It also supports the immune system and keeps your cells healthy, which helps your body produce more energy and stamina. 

Both men and women can experience life-enhancing effects from our DIM supplement:

Benefits for women

  • menopause relief
  • reduces hot flashes
  • helps treat PCOS
  • reduces cystic acne
  • body fat utilization

Benefits for men

  • natural testosterone booster
  • smart estrogen blocker
  • potent bodybuilding supplement
  • promotes prostate health
  • mood booster

Our supplement contains 250mg of DIM and 5mg BioPerine per capsule.

It’s time you break free from the undesirable effects of hormone imbalance. Get your 30-day supply of DIM supplement on Amazon.


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