This Is How You Can Break Free From Hormone Imbalance

This Is How You Can Break Free From Hormone Imbalance

Have you been trying to shed off some pounds but to no avail? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Or are you getting frustrated about your excessive sweating?

If you’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, you most likely won’t suspect that the real reason behind these issues is hormone imbalance.

Hormones are ultimately important that even just a little imbalance could cause a major impact on how your body functions. That being said, these hormones play significant roles in your health and well-being.

What causes hormone imbalance and how can you get rid of its unwanted effects?   

Hormones and their functions

Endocrine glands are responsible for producing and releasing hormones. Once released into the bloodstream, hormones will reach your organs and tell them what to do. That’s why they’re considered as chemical messengers in the body.

According to, the following are the main hormone-producing glands, the hormones they produce, and the body functions they control:

Adrenal - produces hormones that control sex drive and cortisol, the stress hormone

Hypothalamus - controls the release of hormones from other glands, body temperature, hunger, moods, thirst, sleep, and sex drive

Ovaries - produce estrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones

Pancreas - produces insulin and helps control blood sugar levels

Parathyroid - controls the amount of calcium in the body

Pineal (a.k.a. thalamus) - this gland produces melatonin, which affects our sleep and wake cycles

Pituitary - controls other glands and makes the hormones that trigger growth

Testes - produce sperm and testosterone, the male sex hormone 

Thymus - plays a role in the function of the adaptive immune system

Thyroid - produces hormones associated with calorie burning and heart rate

The body’s major hormones are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and melatonin.

Aside from being messengers, hormones are like soldiers that keep the peace and order in the organs they control — if they themselves are in balance.

These hormones help regulate heart rate, metabolism, reproduction, growth, mood, body temperature, and many more.

Hormonal imbalance

To keep your body to function properly, there must always be a balance in your hormones. Because when there is an imbalance, your system will go haywire.

Like what I said earlier, even a small problem in your hormones can cause life-altering issues. And that’s major, right?

Almost everyone will experience hormone imbalance in their lifetime. Although it normally happens during pregnancy and menopausal period, both men and women are susceptible to hormone imbalance.

What causes this imbalance?

It might surprise you that most of the time, it’s YOU that trigger hormone production to become either too high or too low. Well, that’s aside from external factors you might never suspect to cause your hormones to go crazy.

The following factors affect your hormone balance:

  • wrong diet
  • too much exercise
  • chronic stress
  • toxins (from the food and drink we consume and from a polluted environment)
  • aging (endocrine function declines as we age)

How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance? Below are some common symptoms.

Hormone imbalance in women causes: 

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • weight gain or sudden weight loss
  • heavy or irregular menstrual period
  • acne breakouts
  • skin darkening
  • excessive hair or thinning of hair
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness

Hormone imbalance in men causes:

  • muscle mass loss
  • decreased sex drive
  • erectile dysfunction
  • brain fog
  • swelling of breast tissue
  • Infertility
  • fatigue 

How DIM works to balance the hormones

Diindolylmethane or DIM is a natural substance that the body produces after metabolizing the compound called indole-3-carbinol. This compound is present in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and Brussel sprouts.

DIM regulates estrogen dominance. Both men and women have estrogens. As this is the main female sex hormone, this is responsible for their puberty and fertility. For men, estrogen plays a role in the maturity of sperm and libido.

Too much or too little estrogen causes men and women to experience the symptoms written above.

DIM also helps restore the balance between the good and the bad estrogen. During the metabolism of estrogen, the metabolites can either be good or bad.

The good metabolites or 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE) act as antioxidants, which protect the heart and have the potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, the bad metabolites or 16-hydroxyestrone (16-OHE) have been linked to weight gain and cancer.

To keep the balance in your hormones, adding cruciferous vegetables in your everyday meals will naturally help a lot. But you can only get a little amount of DIM in a regular serving size of such vegetables.

That’s why DIM supplements came to life. Purely Optimal’s DIM + BioPerine contains 250mg of diindolylmethane per capsule. One bottle is good for 30 days so you can have a month’s supply of DIM.

Get this DIM supplement on Amazon today.

Don’t let any of the undesirable effects of hormone imbalance rule your life. There’s DIM and the choice of a healthy lifestyle to help maintain your hormone health.

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