8 Natural Tips to Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

how to naturally take care of your heart

“No beauty shines brighter than a happy and healthy heart.”

The heart is one of your body’s most important organs that’s why you have to keep it healthy and strong.

Always remember that taking care of your heart is one way to love yourself better. Because a healthy heart is a symbol of a healthy life.

To further understand how important the heart is to your body, it serves three purposes:

  1. The generator of your body that pumps oxygenated blood to be distributed to different parts of the body so you can function healthily and optimally.
  2. The center of your circulatory system and the network of your blood vessels which delivers blood to all parts of your body.
  3. Maintains and balances blood pressure.

How to take care of your heart better and where to start? Here are 8 natural tips you can follow to live a heart-healthy lifestyle:

Eat healthy foods

foods that are good for the heart

Because you are what you eat, you can literally transform your mind and body by choosing a healthy diet. And your heart’s health depends a lot on what you eat or drink every day. 

There are plenty of foods that are good for the heart, which you can incorporate into your diet plan to save you time from thinking of what meals to prepare. 

And when you’re craving for an afternoon or midnight snack, opt for nuts like pecans, walnuts, cashew, almonds, and other tree nuts. These kinds contain healthy fats, which are also rich in fiber and protein that help prevent your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

If you love fats, cut the unhealthy fats and focus on the healthy ones. Avocados, fatty fishes, and sunflower seeds are the perfect choice.

Omega-3 fish oil also contributes to a healthy heart and has incredible benefits for the brain and overall health.

Breakfast is also important. Instead of the regular white bread and sugary cereals, go for 100% wheat bread and whole grain cereals for added fiber, protein, and vitamin B.

You also have to be watchful of how much salt you’re putting on your food. Too much salt is bad for your heart, kidneys, and liver, which can also increase your risk of having high blood pressure.

Drink your medicines as directed by your doctor

If you’re taking medicines, no matter what kind they are, always follow your doctor’s instructions and stick to your schedule.

In addition, never take medicines (especially antibiotics) that you’re not familiar with without your doctor’s supervision. Some medicines can cause high blood pressure or intense muscle and heart contractions, which can lead to a heart attack.

Alternatively, you can take heart health supplements for a more natural and safer way to support your cardiovascular health.

Learn your family’s health history

Knowing your family’s health history will give you a higher chance of preventing common disorders or diseases that run in your family’s genes.

Usually, asthma, type 2 diabetes, cancer, sickle-cell anemia, polycystic kidney disease types 1 & 2, and cystic fibrosis are examples of genetic diseases that can be inherited.

You may be required to run certain tests or a strict change in lifestyle, the most common of which is a change in diet to lower your risk of developing the said diseases.  As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Be mindful of your cholesterol & blood pressure

High levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are commonly the leading causes of heart attack or heart failure. To avoid this from happening, always monitor your blood pressure. You can buy your own sphygmomanometer so you can check your blood pressure at home.

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best and healthiest ways to balance your cholesterol levels. Try to be mindful of what you eat. 

Move more, sit less

how to naturally take care of your heart

As previously mentioned, your heart is the generator of your body that pumps oxygenated blood to different parts of your body.

But how will your body pump more blood if you’re always sitting and living a sedentary lifestyle? 

Help your body’s natural process by staying active through exercising, sweating, and moving more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride the bicycle instead of your car when going to nearby places, fidget while you work, and go dancing instead of drinking.

These activities will not only contribute to your heart health, but also to your overall wellness.

Quit smoking or stay away from secondhand smoking

Smoking is dangerous to your heart and overall health, and so is secondhand smoking.

If you’re smoking, do your best to quit. And if you’re having a hard time letting it go, remember that you’re doing it not just for yourself, but for your loved ones, too.

For now, avoid smoking in enclosed spaces, especially inside your house and car. Do this to protect your family’s health while you’re in the process of quitting smoking.

Quitting this habit is tough, especially when you’ve been doing it for a long time. You need careful planning, discipline, support, and help to make it successfully happen.

But if you’re not smoking and someone in your house is, do your best to stay away from them. Or better yet, encourage them to quit smoking, because second hand smoking is said to be more dangerous than first hand smoking.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Drinking alcohol is fine only if you consume it in moderate amount.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause uncontrollable raise in blood pressure, which can lead to hypertension, stroke, or heart attack.

There are plenty of tips to reduce your alcohol consumption. And one of those is to learn how to say no to your acquaintances and your own triggers.

And just like quitting smoking, reducing your alcohol consumption requires self-discipline and persistence.

Learn how to manage stress healthily

It’s difficult to stay away from stress because challenges take their form through stress, and challenges are part of your life to make you a stronger and better person.

Chronic stress can lead to certain heart diseases. It can also give rise to heart attack, stroke, overeating, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

The best thing you can do is to learn how to manage your stress for a more serene life and a healthy heart. You can also try the pet therapy method. Since pets can boost your mood and energy levels, which can reduce depression and anxiety.

Managing stress is all about finding your happy place.

Be happy, healthy, and let all that love flow through so you can have the sweetest and healthiest heartbeat.


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