The 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Daily

benefits of practicing gratitude daily

“A grateful heart is also a great mind, which attracts great things. For whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.”

Saying thank you every time you accomplish something is one thing. But being grateful every day, no matter what, is quite another.

And if you practice gratitude every day, it will bring five incredible benefits to your overall health:


Practicing gratitude will increase your positive emotions, giving you more reasons to be happier every single day. 

It also keeps your anxiety and depression at bay, since you’re not easily triggered by the negativity and toxicity around you.

These two normally happen in any person’s life, and you cannot just ignore or dodge them. But what you can do is to switch these negative emotions into positive ones. And to do that, focus on things you’re grateful for l. 

If you have negative people around you, train your mind not to absorb their negative energy and don’t let your emotions get swayed by anything they do or say.. If there’s a way you can influence them to practice gratitude, do so by any means. If you fail to do so, don’t be down, you did your part. 


Being grateful can help attract more  doors to open, which eventually leads to building more connections. Your social networks get wider, and your inner circle will expand.

Having wider networks can get you closer to influential people and strengthen your business or work-related connections. 

Being grateful will also give you better and improved relationships with your family, friends, and associates since they feel appreciated and valued.

Your inner circle will feel the positive energy you share with them, which can be empowering especially in the most stressful and difficult times in their lives.


The act of gratitude leads to higher self-esteem and spirituality.

When you keep a grateful heart, you become more optimistic. You always look at the brighter things in life, and you won’t hold on to too much drama. 

Eventually, and subconsciously, you can develop a powerful spirituality and personality.

Strong spirituality can diminish the influence of aggression and materialism in life. This can allow you to be more giving and empathic towards other people. 

Practicing gratitude  every day can contribute to not just having a healthy personality and spiritual health, but also to a peaceful and better life.


When you’re grateful, you always carry motivation and inspiration within you, which you also share with people around you. 

Being a grateful person makes it easier for you to inspire and motivate others, to share proper advice, and guide or mentor them when they need. This is because when your eyes and heart are open to the good and you’re thankful for what you have, your mindset becomes clearer.

This can help you find your genuine passion and purpose in your career, whether you’re an employee or you run your own business.

This positive energy you emit will establish a healthy work-life balance not just for you, but also for the people working with you as well. Less stress and burnout!


When you’re always grateful, you don’t overthink that much. You can process things in your mind in a way that won’t negatively affect your mood. This can mean you don’t get frequent  migraines  and hypertension.

A person who practices gratitude also values health.  You do more exercise, you eat a balanced diet, you work on your well-being. 

So if you want to experience true, holistic health, you may want to start counting your blessings every day!


Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches. Let us all start each day with a grateful heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

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