Are You Ready to Take on the Ketogenic Diet?

Are You Ready To Take On The Ketogenic Diet

As you grow older, taking care of your health better becomes imperative. That’s probably because you’re feeling and seeing the effects of your lifestyle when you were younger.

You’ve graduated from all the partying and binge drinking days. Now, you rise to the challenges of keeping your ideal weight, having clear skin, and looking your best.

The hardest, most probably, is weight management. Have you been trying to lose weight and for how long now?

Adapting to a strict diet is the ultimate challenge especially if you really love food. The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular dietary programs in recent years.  

Have you tried this low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet?

The thought of restricting carbs may be a little depressing to you but many people’s lives have changed by adopting the ketogenic lifestyle in their weight loss journey.

If you’re still skeptical about going keto, this blog shares the basic things you need to know about this diet.  

Ketosis and ketones

Do you love pasta dishes? Well, that would probably be the biggest downside of the ketogenic diet. Bid farewell to your favorite meaty spaghetti and rice. Sorry, but you can only eat way fewer carbs a day.

You know that carbs, when metabolized, turns into glucose that the body uses for energy. When you consume a minimal amount of carbs, your body will shift into ketosis, a natural metabolic state that burns fat for fuel. 

The liver converts fat into ketones, the small molecules that serve as the body’s main source of energy when there is a little amount of glucose available. The ketones provide energy for the brain and go into the bloodstream to fuel the rest of the body.

Keto diet and weight loss

People trying to lose weight favored the ketogenic diet because it burns fat nonstop. It’s proven effective in shedding off pounds quicker than other forms of a restricted diet. 

When you’re on a keto diet, your blood sugar and insulin (the hormone that stores fat) levels drop. Once your insulin level decreases, the body immediately turns to your fat stores and burns fat to secure your energy supply.

What else makes a keto diet beneficial for weight loss?

Adopting this diet doesn’t mean you’ll deprive yourself of eating good food. Sure, you’re only allowed to consume around 20g of carbs a day, but there are so many other foods you can eat.

Keto meals aren’t made of boring stuff. You can enjoy a lot of tasty keto recipes that won’t make you feel you’re missing out on real food. 

You’re not entirely deprived of satisfying dishes and with this diet, you would feel full than expected. You don’t have to worry about tracking everything you eat, given that you already have keto-friendly meal plans.

With a keto diet, losing weight without getting conscious of counting calories is workable. You burn off body fat, have enough energy to get you through the day, and the same time feel less hungry than you usually do.  

You can control your appetite and manage your cravings, too. And when you’re not hungry and you have energy, you can stay alert and focused. This makes you more productive either at home or at work.

When your body burns fat this effectively, losing weight becomes easier. That’s why getting into ketosis is major. This is your primary goal when you go on a keto diet.

The quickest route to ketosis is to fast. But you can’t do that all the time. You need to eat!

That’s where exogenous ketones enter the picture.

Exogenous ketones supplement

The body naturally produces (endogenous) ketones but if you’re having a hard time shifting into ketosis, exogenous ketones got your back.

You can get exogenous ketones from supplements. They help speed up ketosis and boost energy production. They’re beneficial particularly if you’re just starting with your keto diet or after you binged on a cheat day.

You can learn more about exogenous ketones in this post.

Here at Purely Optimal, we have the Keto BHB, a premium keto supplement that contains beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB, the primary ketone in the blood. BHB signals your body to produce ketones right away and start ketosis faster. 

Read more about the benefits of Keto BHB.

What people say about Keto BHB

Keto BHB has been changing many lives. It’s truly rewarding for us to know that our supplement played a significant role in the weight loss journey of these people.

Here’s what people have shared about their experience with Keto BHB:

Thank goodness I took the leap of faith and tried this supplement. I have struggled with weight loss because of my inability to consistently follow a diet plan. I'm easily tempted to eat whenever I feel hungry. As a result, I just gain back any pounds that I lost from the past weeks. This cycle went on until I started taking keto diet pills. It keeps my appetite in check so I no longer eat as much as before. I've seen changes around my hips and thighs and some of my clothes fit loosely nowadays. — Jane H.

There's just too many food you can't have when on a keto diet. I love carbs. Who doesn't? Now that I'm taking keto diet pills, I can eat half a cup of rice, with more servings of vegetables and meat and still feel full for longer hours. It works to control my hunger and lose weight faster. My body's healthier and I'm feeling more confident. — Dawn T.

I am the ultimate skeptic when it comes to magic diet pills, having tried too many that had no effect. I was told about this product by a co-worker and decided to give it a try. After only 6 days of keto and taking this as recommended I have shaved off 8.5 lbs. Before on just the Keto diet, I did not have any energy in the afternoon and evening. This supplement has changed that drastically. I have energy through the day and it greatly reduced my appetite. No side effects like others I have tried, which is a nice change. I don't usually write reviews but thought I owed it to anyone skeptical like myself. It works! — Scott S.

If you want to experience REAL transformation, try Keto BHB and get that healthy and fit body you’ve been working hard to achieve!


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