Here Are a Dozen Ways to Maximize Your Immunity

ways to maximize your immunity

Your immune system works round the clock to carry out its huge responsibility: to protect your body from germs, viruses, environmental toxins, and other threats. Wouldn’t you like to give it a hand to make its work easier?

While a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential, there are many other ways you can maximize your immunity and some of them may surprise you. Here are different ways you can strengthen your immune response and become healthier.

  1. Laugh out loud. There’s one study that measured increased levels of antibodies in adults after watching a Richard Pryor video. A hearty laugh burns calories, boosts your heart rate, and fortifies your immune system. You know how keeping a good mood affects your physical wellbeing, right? So when you feel like stress or fatigue is creeping in your system, watch funny videos or head on to Netflix and watch stand-up comedy shows there.
  1. Play some feel-good tracks. Listening to music that soothes both your ears and your soul is an effective way to destress. Managing your stress is a significant factor in taking care of your immune health. Create a playlist with songs that you actually love and like singing along to.
  1. Soak in some sun. Vitamin D from the early morning sun has its healing powers. Go out, feel the warmth, and let the sunshine embrace you. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

ways to maximize immunity

  1. Hang out with friends. Although this may be limited to only a couple of people (because the pandemic isn’t over yet), seeing your friends in person every once in a while is good for your mental and immune health.
  1. Tea, anyone? Trade in your morning cup of coffee for tea. Ginger tea, for example, is rich in antioxidants that will help boost your immune system.
  1. Block excessive noise. Cars blowing horns or dogs barking endlessly can build up every stress, which isn’t good. Keep your earbuds handy or stay in a room where there’s peace and quiet.
  1. Avoid overtraining. They say too much of a good thing is bad. Exercise is important to achieve optimal health but overdoing it can give you the opposite of your goals. Allow your body to rest in between especially if you’re into intense workouts. Your body needs to recover and recharge.
  1. Get probiotics daily. Foods rich in good bacteria are your gut’s best friends, which are also great for your immune system. Stock some yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, or sauerkraut in your fridge and include them in your weekly meal plan.
  1. Hold on to positivity. Despite what’s going on around you, keeping a cheerful and positive attitude makes a huge difference in your health and wellbeing. When you’re feeling under the weather, creating your own sunshine helps you bounce back to being strong and energetic again.
  1. Get your flu shot. Ask your doctor if getting vaccinated is appropriate for you. Staying one step ahead of the flu is always better.
ways to maximize immunity
  1. Quit smoking. Easier said than done for most people but if you really want to become the healthier version of yourself this year, keep trying. Nothing can stop a strong motivated mind.
  1. Take the right supplements. Eating healthy food doesn’t always guarantee that you’re getting the right amount of nutrients to maintain a strong immune system. There are various supplements that can boost your immunity, which you can take daily so your body gets the protection it needs all year round.

Protecting your immune health safeguards you from common cold, flu, and more serious conditions. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and attitude so you can live a longer and happier life with people who matter to you.

Have stronger immunity this 2021 and beyond!


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