How Long Does It Take for Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins to Work

How Long Does It Take for Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins to Work

Your hair, skin, and nails say a lot about your health.

If you have dry skin, coarse hair, and brittle nails, that could mean a lot of things. It could be nutritional deficiencies, health issues, lack of care, poor diet, and many more.

Thankfully, Hair Vitamin Gummies are here to make every strand of your hair healthy and strong from root to tip. This yummy supplement has the right blend of ingredients to accelerate hair growth and shinier hair, plus healthier skin and stronger nails.

hair vitamin gummies for stronger hair skin nails

What our Hair Vitamin Gummies contain:

  • 5,000 mcg of biotin for stronger and shinier hair, which also serves as an incredible support for stronger nails that don't chip easily
  • 260 mcg folic acid to stimulate hair growth
  • Vitamin A which nourishes scalp
  • Vitamin B for hair growth, thicker & stronger hair strands
  • Vitamins C, D & E for skin nourishment
  • Folic acid for cell generation of follicles
  • Choline for those that have baldness condition
  • Inositol for those who are experiencing thinning hair
  • Pantothenic acid for hair growth
  • Zinc for hair loss prevention

Now that you found your most reliable hair, skin, and nail vitamin, the next question is...

How Long Does It Take for This Vitamin to Work?

How Long Does It Take for Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins to Work

Everyone has different hair, skin, and nail physiology. Which means this supplement may have a faster effect on you compared to others. But it could also be the opposite.

Even so, the results are the same. You will still have healthier, shinier, and longer hair, stronger and moisturized nails, and naturally glowing skin.

For your skin:

Our hair, skin and nail vitamin gummies contain all skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C, D, E for, which will help give you that nourished and natural glow.

However, this will depend on your age and how you take care of your skin. But usually, taking two  gummies everyday may give you results after two to four weeks. And may speed up if you eat foods that are good for your skin.

For your hair:

In general, your hair grows an average of half an inch every month. Therefore, starting from the scalp, it may take approximately four to six years before one strand of your hair reaches shoulder length.

A hydrated and healthy hair will help you achieve this average growth. It will also prevent hair breakage and split ends that slows down hair growth.

And since our Hair Vitamins gummies contain the adequate nutrients that nourish the scalp and stimulate follicles for faster hair growth, you can see the effectiveness in two to three weeks of continuous use.

You may also want to lessen the use of heat styling tools and harsh hair products to avoid damages to your hair. Even though hair supplements work, unhealthy hair maintenance can lessen the effectiveness.

For your nails:

Have you ever wondered what your cuticles are made of? Well, they are made up of fibrous protein layers called ‘keratin’, which forms the tissues in your nails and other parts of the body. 

Keratin plays an essential role in protecting your nails from damage and strengthening them so they won’t chip easily. 

As you age, you will notice your nails growing slowly and becoming more yellow compared to your younger days. 

These are natural signs of aging, but can be improved through supplements that contain biotin to nourish and strengthen the aging nails. 

When you take our Hair Vitamins daily and consistently, you can see improvements on your fingernails in three to four weeks. And six to eight weeks for your toenails, since they grow slower than your fingernails.


The span of how long it takes for hair, skin, and nail vitamins to work will vary from one person to another. 

A healthy lifestyle, incorporated with a nutritious diet and our hair vitamin gummies, will give you faster, healthier, and longer lasting results more than a salon can offer.


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