Practical Things You Can Do to Reduce Diabetes Risk

how to reduce diabetes risk

Diabetes is a chronic disease that could drastically affect your health, lifestyle, and overall wellbeing. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes or preventing further complications by adopting some lifestyle changes.

According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2015, 30.3 million Americans have diabetes and 1.5 million new cases are diagnosed every year.

This is how diabetes is prevalent in the US alone. Unfortunately, both adults and children are now at risk of this chronic disease.

Do you often experience high blood sugar levels? Your blood glucose level may spike from time to time but not too high to be considered diabetes. This is the prediabetes stage. And this is when you should consider changing your lifestyle to prevent developing type 2 diabetes. 

According to research, 70% of people with prediabetes eventually develop type 2 diabetes. The good news is, you can prevent this from happening.

You can’t do anything if it runs in your genes or you’ve always indulged in a high-carb diet in the past, but you can still reduce your risk of diabetes if you’re willing to start it now!

Tips to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

Make these lifestyle changes to protect yourself from developing type 2 diabetes. In general, adopting a better lifestyle can also prevent you from getting heart diseases and certain types of cancers.

1. Lose that excess weight

Those extra pounds beyond the normal weight for your age, gender, and height, mainly cause you to acquire type 2 diabetes. Obesity increases your diabetes risk by 20 to 40 percent. Every kilogram you lose reduces your risk by 16 percent so do the math and find out how much weight you should get rid of. 

2. Be more active

Get those muscles working! The more active your muscles are, the more they’ll use insulin and absorb glucose so it won’t stay in your bloodstream. Living a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk so find a physical activity that you can enjoy and regularly do. Brisk walking is often recommended if an intense workout is not your thing. 

3. Change your diet

The main things you should avoid to control healthy blood glucose levels: refined carbs, sugary drinks, trans fat, and processed meat. Instead, choose whole-grain products, polyunsaturated fats, more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.

4. Manage stress

When you’re under a lot of stress, your body releases cortisol (a stress hormone), which allows glucose to flood in your system to provide energy to your muscles. When you have elevated cortisol too often, there will be constant glucose production, which leads to increased blood sugar levels.

5. Sleep better

Chronic sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep increase your risk of diabetes and obesity. Sleep loss is linked to insulin resistance that’s why not getting enough Zzzzs can increase your risk of diabetes.

6. Stop smoking

Research shows that smokers are 50 percent more likely to develop diabetes than non-smokers. Smoking increases oxidative stress and inflammation in the body that may affect the function and effectiveness of insulin. 

7. Drink lightly or moderately

Heavy drinker? Maybe it’s time to lessen your alcohol consumption before you develop diabetes. Studies show that light to moderate alcohol consumption decreases the risk of this chronic disease.

8. Consider taking Berberine

Berberine has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for such a long time. It is known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This bioactive compound can regulate blood glucose levels by decreasing insulin resistance and helping in glucose metabolism in cells. You can get the benefits of Berberine in this supplement.

Protect yourself from getting diabetes and other complications that may arise when it’s not properly controlled. Live a healthier lifestyle not just to reduce your diabetes risk but to have longer, healthier, and happier years ahead.


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