Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

“Your current state of happiness is determined by the levels of four chemicals in your brain.”

Did you know that four brain chemicals are responsible for your happiness, mood, and even sleep? 

Sometimes it’s not you that’s being gloomy, it’s your brain chemicals that are having imbalances or  are giving you signals that you need a change in your diet or specific habits in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The 4 brain chemicals, their roles, and how to hack them

1. DOPAMINE “the reward chemical”

Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

Dopamine is the chemical that makes you feel good each time you achieve something or if you’re being rewarded. Sense of fulfillment also boosts this chemical.

Low levels of dopamine make you feel less motivated, which are also linked to laziness and procrastination.

Your dopamine will push you to take action on your needs, goals, and dreams in order to become happy. Training your mind to be constantly engaged in meaningful journeys and pursuits in life will greatly help release more levels of dopamine.


  • Learn something new (hobby, skill, or language)
  • Track your progress and achievements and reward yourself (i.e.: going on a vacation, having a relaxing massage, going to a spa, having a delightful meal, buying something you like without overspending)
  • Submit your projects or tasks earlier than deadline

2. ENDORPHINS “the pain-reliever”

Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

Your body releases the chemical endorphins whenever you feel pain, stress, and discomfort. These chemicals are created from your brain, then send messages to your body.

Endorphins are produced to protect your physical and mental health, as well as to ease your stress and improve your mood.

Learning how to manage your stress and anxiety is the key to boosting your endorphin levels.


  • Have regular meditation and deep breathing exercises
  • Do stretching and flexibility exercises
  • Laugh more
  • Exercise regularly
  • Try yoga 
  • Engaged more in music and art
  • Socialize 

3. SEROTONIN “the mood stabilizer”

Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your appetite, energy, mood, learning, memory, and emotions. This chemical is also connected with dopamine. 

Loyalty, recognition, and serenity play a huge role in your serotonin. If you feel loved or recognized by other people from your accomplishments, your serotonin levels are enhanced.

And normal levels of serotonin will make you feel more focused, happier, emotionally stable, and calmer.


4. OXYTOCIN “the love hormone”

Know the 4 Happy Brain Chemicals and How to Hack Them

This love hormone plays a role in reproduction, social bonding, relationships, and the period after childbirth.

The production of this chemical helps turn ordinary relationships into lifelong ones, as well as deepened friendship or bonding with people. Lack of social connection and the feeling of isolation or loneliness are often linked to low levels of oxytocin.


  • Socialize more and spend more time with friends
  • Be more open to romance
  • Don’t fear committing into relationships
  • Prioritize family time
  • Show affection or do something nice for someone


Only very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking, and how you take care of yourself. Follow the tips mentioned above to hack your happy chemicals in order to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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