A Month of Gratitude Challenge: It's the Little Things in Life That Count

A Month of Gratitude Challenge: It's the Little Things in Life That Counts

Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Many times, we often take for granted the very things that we should be grateful for the most due to stress, discontentment, challenges, and insecurities. Comparing what others have that you don’t is a major reason too. 

Every time you reach this point, always remember that the more grateful you are, the more beauty you will see. And in every struggle you go through, still, be thankful. Because hardships make you stronger, wiser, and more humble. 

In this blog, we will prepare you for a month of gratitude challenge, so you will be more appreciative of even the little things in your life that count. So hang on tight! 

But first, here are 10 things you might be taking for granted that someone else is praying for:

A Month of Gratitude Challenge: It's the Little Things in Life That Counts
  1. A roof over your head — with so many people being homeless, be grateful that you have a place called home, where you can relax, eat, and sleep comfortably. 
  2. Loving family — be grateful that you have parents to care for you and siblings that are always there for you. And if you have kids, be grateful for them as well, because many people pray to have children of their own.
  3. Clean air — be thankful that you have clean air to breathe, because some people in certain areas breathe unhealthy air due to war, extreme pollution, and an unclean environment.
  4. Clothes to wear — be grateful for the decent clothes that you wear and your ability to buy new clothing, because many people don’t even have a wardrobe or a variety of clean clothes to wear every day.
  5. Foods to eat — be thankful for the nutritious foods that you eat because many people in different areas of the world are suffering from starvation. So don’t waste foods and learn to manage your leftovers.
  6. Access to latest technology — in this modern era, be thankful for your mobile phone (even if it’s not the latest iPhone), your PC/laptop (even if it is not the highest end on sale today), your television (even if it is not the newest edition), or even your refrigerator (even if it is not the most modern-looking). Because many people don’t even have access to and knowledge of the latest technology or gadgets that they can use for a more comfortable lifestyle. Not everyone in the world has access to the internet.
  7. Electricity — be grateful that you have electricity to use where you can charge your gadgets for entertainment, switch on/off your lights as needed, and appliances that can cool or heat up your foods.
  8. Clean water — many people in different parts of the world don’t have access to clean and instant water, so be thankful that you have one.
  9. Skills and opportunities — be grateful for your skills and the opportunities that you have that make you who you are today. Everyone is made differently and uniquely. Be happy with your strengths that other people don’t have, and your weaknesses that you can improve and later on make you stronger.
  10. Laughter and connection — be thankful for the people around you that you can share your laughter with, express your emotions, and build memorable experiences. Not all people have someone to laugh and be connected with.

A month of gratitude challenge:

A Month of Gratitude Challenge: It's the Little Things in Life That Count

Thank you for reading this blog and good luck on your month of gratitude challenge. You got this!

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