How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

“The most patriotic thing we can do is to take care of the environment and try to live sustainably.” 

Living sustainably means a lifestyle of trying to reduce the consumption of Earth’s natural resources, for the purpose of living better while protecting the environment.

Taking care of the earth is not an obligation, because it is part of our life. Where you breathe is where you live, and the foods that you eat mostly thrive in nature. When you take care of the environment, it takes care of you back.

Sadly, nowadays, most people have forgotten how to be polite guests on this earth. They pay no attention to walking lightly here, as other creatures do. Not everyone is committed to truly protecting Mother Nature.

Therefore, living healthily while taking care of the environment is the best way to live a fulfilling life. Simple, noble acts can be passed from generation to generation because you’re teaching children how to love the natural world they’re living in.

Caring for one’s self and for the environment can go together. If you’re wondering how and where to start, below are wonderful ways to do it. You can also share it with others so we can all start walking beautifully and healthily in this world.

Tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle while caring for the environment

1. Grow your own fruits, veggies, or herbs. A brilliant way to eat organically and clean, while contributing to the environment. You can start will small pots first, then just work your way through more.

2. When planting, always use organic fertilizers to season the plants with a long supply of nutrients, improved soil structure, and to retain the water longer.

3. Save water by turning off the faucet every time you wash your face or while cleaning your hands.

4. Collect scrap papers in your home or office then learn some ways to recycle them the proper way. Scrap papers can still be used in many ways than you imagined.

5. Consider using organic shampoo bars instead of those that come from plastic packaging to start adopting the beauty of eco-friendly products. 

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

6. Handwash your clothes, especially if you only have a few to clean. It’s also a good way to exercise while saving up on electricity.

7. If you have a baby or toddler, switch to cloth diapers. It requires quite an effort as  you have to wash them but the switch is very beneficial for the environment for there will be lesser wastes. It’ll save you more money, too.

8.Switch off your light bulbs when you sleep at night and open your windows. This way, you can let the fresh air in as the warm sunlight welcomes your room in the morning. 

9. Make it a habit to use your bicycle instead of your car to help minimize fossil fuel, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution. It’s a great aerobic exercise too. If you can’t purchase a bike yet, look for rent-a-bike services in your area. Car-free living is one key to simple living, which can also boost your mental health.

10. Transform your old clothes that are still usable into new garments. Like, your old jeans can be turned into a new skirt! You can also learn basic sewing skills to do this. It’s always a good way to learn something new, while preventing too much clutter in your closet.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

11. If you’re considering on having a pet, adopt one instead of buying from a breeder. There are so many stray or orphaned animals out there who needs loving fur parents.

12. Stop using bottled water. Opt for cool-designed water jugs or minimalist pitcher since stored water in plastic bottles can pose health risks.

13. Mommy environment and budget-friendly hacks: use reusable cloth nursing pads, plastic-free bibs, plastic-free drink bottles, and natural fiber-made toys. These are safe for you, the environment, and especially for your children.

14. Cook only what you need and eat only what you can to reduce food waste. If you have leftovers, store them in the fridge so you can eat them the following day.

15. Use reusable menstrual cups to reduce waste. These will save you more money, too.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

16. Always unplug your unused devices at night such as your Wi-Fi modem, your printer/scanner, your computer’s monitor, as well as a few appliances like coffeemaker, oven/microwave, stereo, and cable box. Leaving them on is just wasted energy. 

17. Don’t use plastic bags when shopping. Use eco-friendly bags or DIY reusable grocery bags. DIY stuff helps save the environment through recycling and can also boost your creativity. 

18. As much as you want to travel, reduce your time by taking flights unless really necessary to help reduce carbon emissions from aviations and air pollution. Take time by enjoying the local attractions in your city, or visit the nearest beach in your town.

19. Send electronic invitations via email or social media messaging apps instead of printing them to lessen paper wastes. 

20. Start using solar chargers for your smartphones and other gadgets, as well as solar lights.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

21. Bring your own utensils (spoon, fork, straw, or chopsticks) when eating out to minimize plastic wastes. It’s also a safe and cleaner way to consume your food/beverages, since plastic utensils are more prone to germs due to exposure in public places.

22. Make/brew your own coffee instead of buying outside. Not only it is cheaper, but it is also healthier since you can control the level of sweetness. 

23. Spend more time outside. You’ll consume fewer appliances at home and it’s beneficial for your physical and mental health, too, because you’ll have more time to socialize and get that vitamin D. 

24. When buying new appliances, always look for those that come with energy-efficient feature.

25. Go makeup-free even once a week. You’ll have less use of products and your skin can breathe for a while.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While Caring for the Environment

The earth is all we have in common. If we all begin to diligently take care of the environment, it will greatly improve human health.

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