6 Things to Know About Chlorophyll

6 Things to Know About Chlorophyll

Our parents always tell us how important it is to eat greens, no matter how old we are. However, no matter how hard we try to, sometimes we just can’t do it. 

But what if I tell you that there’s a supplement you can take that came from extracted greens? Content creators made it become a TikTok trend.

This wonder supplement is the liquid chlorophyll - a supplement that can incredibly boost your health in various ways.

If you have read a little about chlorophyll, we’ll share with you six more things about it and the benefits it can do to your overall health.

A Brief Guide to What Chlorophyll Is

What Is Chlorophyll

Going back to your science class, chlorophyll is the natural compound that is present in green plants. If you’re wondering why the leaves of plants and trees are green, it’s because chlorophyll gives them their color. It also helps plants to absorb energy from the sun as they go through photosynthesis. 

Chlorophyll is also a nutrient that is found in vegetable and other plant-based foods like spirulina, algae, mycoprotein, edamame, and many more. The greener the vegetable is, the higher the chlorophyll content. 

Chlorophyll has two types: chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B. Each plant contains either of the two varieties, but both include antioxidant properties and fat-soluble compounds.

6 Things You Need to Know About Chlorophyll 

1. Chlorophyll is the name you see on labels

As previously explained, chlorophyll is the green pigment that is formed during the process of photosynthesis - an activity that plants do to make their food. But if you buy chlorophyll as a supplement, you’ll most likely see the term “chlorophyllin”. 

Chlorophyllin is a semi-synthetic compound that is water-soluble, not fat soluble. It is often used as food coloring or medicine additive. 

While chlorophyll is naturally found in plants, chlorophyllin is commonly used as a supplement, taken with meals or beverages. And it may be extracted from chlorophyll, but it is also bound to copper rather than magnesium. 

Therefore, if you take a chlorophyll supplement in liquid form, you’re likely taking chlorophyllin, which has potent minerals that your body absorbs more easily. But there are other forms of chlorophyll supplement like powder or tablet.

2. Chlorophyll is readily available in all green plants

Chlorophyll in green fruits and vegetables

If you’re having difficulty looking for a chlorophyll supplement in liquid form, you can still add it to your diet by simply eating more green fruits like kiwi and avocado, or green vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

Although supplement is more convenient and easy to take, fruits and vegetables can give you additional minerals and fiber, which are also helpful for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and proper digestion.

3. Chlorophyll makes a great addition to your daily routine

Nothing can ever replace a healthy diet, and no amount of chlorophyll supplement can reverse the effects of eating unhealthy foods.

Sugary foods and refined carbohydrates are the primary causes of disease and inflammation. Processed meats, on the other hand, can cause cancer. Junk foods lack nutrients, which can damage your system when consumed often.

The best way to stay away from these health issues is to consume more greens in your  meals every day. Have lean meat and plant proteins, too, for a more balanced, healthy diet. Eventually, you’ll have better digestion and more energy since you’re fueling your body with the right nutrients to support your system.

4. Chlorophyll is a natural deodorant 

Chlorophyll as natural deodorant

Nowadays, some mouthwash and deodorant contain chlorophyll. This is because studies found that chlorophyll may help alleviate body odor. And for many years, chlorophyllin has been used to cure bad-smelling or slow-healing wounds.

A recent 2008 review stated that medications containing chlorophyllin give wound-healing properties and help reduce odor. 

5. Chlorophyll has wide array of health benefits

Aside from better digestion and more energy, here are more of chlorophyll’s health benefits:

  • Cancer treatment: Taking chlorophyll orally on a daily basis may help lessen the size of a tumor. It can also help prevent the growth of slow cancer cells.
  • Blood builder: Chlorophyll may help improve your quality of red blood cells, therefore assisting the body to build more blood healthily.
  • Reduces inflammation and bacteria: Chrlorophyllin helps reduce bacterial growth and inflammation in skin wounds.
  • Natural detoxification: If you’re planning to try detoxing, rather than blending different fruits or vegetables altogether, you can try chlorophyll alternatively. Chlorophyll has excellent detoxification properties because it can bind heavy metals. 
  • Anti-aging: Chlorophyll may also work as an effective anti-aging therapy. Some gel products contain chlorophyllin, which may help minimize the sign of photoaging when applied. Photoaging is an aging effect that is caused from too much sun exposure.
  • Caffeine alternative: If you’re not a fan of coffee or aiming to reduce your caffeine intake but still want to have that long-lasting energy, reach out for chlorophyll instead. The super-green content of chlorophyll helps increase the red blood cell counts, therefore improving energy and reducing fatigue.
  • Acne treatment: Chlorophyll has the potential to treat acne and prevent the bacteria that cause it. Aside from anti-aging, gel products that contain chlorophyllin can reduce large pores too.

6. Liquid Chlorophyll is better than tablet form

Liquid Chlorophyll is better than tablet form

Although there are chlorophyll supplements that come in tablet or powdered form, the liquid type has better value since it is water-soluble and can easily be absorbed by your body.

But just a heads up, since liquid chlorophyll works as a detox too, you might experience mild diarrhea or a bit of nausea after a few days of taking it. It’s always best recommended to talk to your doctor first before taking new supplements and if the symptoms persist.

Purely Optimal’s Liquid Chlorophyll - your ultimate green juice for a health boost

How our Liquid Chlorophyll helps your digestive system: 

Purely Optimal Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Supports liver function, which eliminates toxins
  • Protects your liver from damage
  • Helps lessen those persistent digestive issues
  • Assists the liver in detoxifying your body
  • Helps relieve constipation and diarrhea

How our Liquid Chlorophyll helps your skin & hygiene health:

  • Gets rid of harmful impurities which helps clear up skin issues
  • Aids in detoxifying the blood to eliminate body odor 
  • Packed with antioxidants, giving your cells the protection they need against free radicals
  • Helps reduce bad breath and body odor
  • Supports skin health

How our Liquid Chlorophyll contributes to your overall health:

  • Keeps your body properly oxygenated so your immune system can function at its best
  • Provides relief from altitude sickness
  • Helps boost the production and quality of your red & white blood cells
  • Helps maintain a stronger immunity
  • An easy and effective way to support your health when you aren’t able to get all the leafy greens from your diet
  • Helps bring back your energy

Fun ways to use our Liquid Chlorophyll:

  1. Just simply mix our Liquid Chlorophyll in your preferred smoothies, juices, or plain water. If you’re looking for chlorophyll detox recipes, this blog will show you some drink mixes to try.
  2. Add 15 drops of our Liquid Chlorophyll to a glass of water each day for a convenient and delightful way to get the chlorophyll your body needs.
  3. The bottle is small enough to take on the go as your best alternative to sugar-loaded drinks after a meal

Get our Liquid Chlorophyll now for a fun and easy way to elevate your total health & well-being. Cheers to better health!


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