8 Hydration Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

8 Hydration Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

You know what’s the other thing that you should focus on this summer aside from a fit bikini body? Hydration!

Sixty percent (60%) of the human body is made of water. Every time you sweat, you lose water; you go to the bathroom, you lose water, and even just by breathing, your body’s water decreases. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself hydrated to keep your body functioning optimally.

Water is the cheapest way to hydrate and fuel your body. You can even get it for free! However, reality speaking, some people find it hard to provide their body with the sufficient amount of water. 

There are a lot of reasons why this happens. It could be because of a busy schedule or lack of interest in grabbing a drink. Yes, that happens a lot. Also, water is supposed to be tasteless. However, there  are times you get an aftertaste due to trace minerals.

Additionally, most people only drink water if they feel thirsty. But if they don’t, they won’t drink. And because of these reasons, dehydration happens.

Are you one of these people? If yes, don’t worry. Here are eight hydration hacks that will encourage you to drink more water:

1. Start your day with a glass of water first thing in the morning

drink water first thing in the morning as Hydration Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

Many people reach for coffee first thing in the morning, instead of water. Although coffee may benefit you in different ways, it’s not the number one option if you want your body to get more hydrated.

When you wake up from a long sleep, your body is naturally dehydrated. A glass of room temperature water will help you hydrate right away, boost your metabolism, and help flush out the toxins from your body. These are the best actions to start your day right.

2. Make drinking water more convenient

The more accessible you make yourself to drinking water, the easier it will be to hydrate more. There are plenty of ways to do it, like using a large water bottle, so you won’t have to refill it from time to time. Then placing that water bottle somewhere you can reach easier.

And when going outside, bring a water bottle with you so you can easily refill it on the go. This is important, especially during summer, to avoid heatstroke and dehydration.

3. Get a cute water bottle

get a cute water bottle for  Hydration Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

Nowadays, water bottles are becoming cuter, trendier, or sportier.

Shop for a reusable water bottle that has a fun or cool design so you will be more encouraged to take a sip and enjoy carrying it elsewhere.

4. Eat your H2O

For a fun and tastier way to increase your hydration, munch on watery vegetables like cucumber, celery, lettuce, and tomatoes.

You can also eat watery fruits like apples, papaya, blueberries, WATERmelon, oranges, peaches, and plums.

But remember, when eating water veggies, it’s better to consume them fresh. Once you cook them, their water level decreases. Some of their water-soluble vitamins are also lost when being cooked or boiled.

5. Add some flavor to your water

water infused drinks for Hydration Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy drinking water, aiming for 8 glasses (or more) a day can be pretty hard. The best way to hydrate yourself is to add flavor to your water. How? Infused water drinks are the best way to do it.

Infused water is simply plain water combined with your selection of fruits, or vegetables, and herbs. Making this refreshing drink is so easy. Just slice your preferred ingredients, transfer it into a jar, large water bottle, or pitcher, pour water, then let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Looking for simple fruit or herb-infused water recipes? Here are some delicious, not to mention healthy, combinations that you can try:

  • honeydew, cucumber, and mint
  • watermelon, kiwi, and lime
  • mango, raspberries, and ginger
  • blackberries, orange, and ginger
  • pomegranate, grapefruit, and mint
  • pineapple, coconut, and lime
  • blueberries, lemon, and rosemary
  • strawberries, lemon, and basil
  • cucumber, lemon, and ginger

    Aside from infused water drinks, detox water is also one of the best ways to help you stay cool, healthy, and hydrated. Making detox water is just as easy as makingi nfused water drinks. You just need to soak all the ingredients in water, then you’re good to go.

    Here are some easy detox water recipes:

    • Cucumber, lemon, and mint
    • Peeled ginger root, lemon/lime, mint, and a pinch of Himalayan salt
    • Coconut water with lemon and mint
    • Lemon and coriander
    • Fresh turmeric juice and 3 slices of lemon
    • Cucumber and a pinch of Himalayan salt
    • Lemon juice, aloe vera, juiced ginger, coconut kefir, and apple cider vinegar

    If you want the easiest detox drink to prepare, try our Liquid Chlorophyll supplement!

    Just easily mix our Liquid Chlorophyll in plain water, smoothies, or juices to conveniently get its skin, immunity, and digestion benefits. The bottle is small enough to take on the go, and it is peppermint flavored for a more refreshing way to elevate your total health & wellbeing!

    6. Follow up your coffee, tea, or juice with water

    To hydrate more, for every non-water beverage you drink, make sure you drink water afterwards. Doing so will help flush out too much caffeine, preservatives, or sugar ingredients that your body absorbed.

    You can also add collagen peptides powder to your non-water beverage for your all-in-one easy to take hair, skin, and nail supplement. It contains 1500 mg of collagen from 5 collagen-rich sources that all work together to rejuvenate your hair, skin and nails naturally, so you can achieve that natural summer glow in this hot season.

    7. Try coconut water

    coconut water for Hacks for People Who Don’t Like Drinking Water

    When it comes to hydration, coconut water is one of the most amazing gift of nature to humans. This wonderful beverage not only tastes yummy, but it is also packed with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, potassium, antioxidants, and electrolytes that offer a wide array of health benefits to the body.

    Just make it sure that what you’re drinking is pure coconut water. One that is not processed and has no added sugar.

    8. Use a water reminder app

    Use your phone or gadget as a modern instrument to hydrate more. How? Install a water reminder app.

    These applications are very easy to use and helpful for monitoring your daily water intake. After you drink water, just tap the indicated button and choose how much water you have drank. It will record all your water consumption, so you will know if you have reached your daily water goals.

    Some apps literally remind you to drink water by sending you notifications. These apps are helpful especially to those who have a lot of things on their plate daily that even drinking H2O is completely forgotten. 

    A water reminder for you:

    These hacks may be difficult to follow all at once, especially if you’re not fond of drinking water. But if you stay committed to them, you’ll eventually get used to the habit until your body naturally does it without force or refusal. 

    Water is essential to keep your mind and body in optimal condition. So after you read this blog, don’t forget to drink water!

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