A 30-day Challenge to Naturally Spring Clean Your Health

A 30-day Challenge to Naturally Spring Clean Your Health

So the springtime begins! A beautiful season when nature blossoms its loveliness and the perfect time to cleanse your health. 

Fully spring cleaning your health should cover your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and a stronger immunity plays a very important role.

It may be difficult to do everything in just a day, but this 30-day challenge can help:

Day 1: Interact with nature by hiking, visiting a local farm or park for better mood and lower stress levels.

Day 2: Grow some flowers or start a vegetable or herb garden. It’s good for your health and nature too!

Day 3: Play outside like a kid by joining spring activities such as frisbee, tennis, or kickball.

Day 4: Go for a bike ride in your favorite city or countryside so you can get moving.

Day 5: Go stargazing. It’s a perfect stress reliever which can spark your creativity and imagination.

Day 6: Swim at the beach. Swimming may be a low impact exercise, but it can strengthen your back muscles and stamina.

Day 7: Get a flu shot and/or go to the dentist. Because health checkups are a must.

Day 8: Declutter your home - your space will look good and you’ll feel good.. Don’t forget to clean your makeup cabinet and brushes too!

Day 9: Visit the farmer’s market. Buy organic and fresh fruits and veggies. Clean eating is the key to healthy living.

Day 10: Eliminate sugary drinks and too much carbs on your diet. Start by ditching sodas, noodles, and gluten foods now.

Day 11: Stay hydrated. Drink more than 8 glasses of water today. You can also try water-infused drinks for a refreshing and healthy way to stay hydrated.

Day 12: Spring clean your house and backyard to get rid of allergens indoors and outdoors. 

Day 13: Bake gluten-free spring-themed cookies or cupcakes (or season pie with seasonal veggies/fruits) then give it to someone.

Day 14: Read a book to improve your memory, writing skills, and cognitive function.

Day 15: Buy a spring bouquet for your home or patio to improve your mood and relaxation.

Day 16: Watch the sunrise or sunset for a healthy and natural way to beat stress. You deserve the Vitamin D too!

Day 17: Go on a camping trip with your friends and family for a fun and relaxing bonding time.

Day 18: Clean up your yard and have a garage sale. Every penny is worth saving!

Day 19: Reset your sleeping schedule for improved quality of sleep and mood.

Day 20: Make fresh fruit smoothies and add collagen peptides powder to achieve that healthier hair, nails, and spring glow on your skin.

Day 21: Volunteer somewhere important to you, like animal rescue shelters, habitat for humanity, red cross, or retirement homes. Spread love.

Day 22: Wear something pastel for a cool and refreshing look. Wearing light colors not only looks good on you, but it will also make you feel more comfortable.

Day 23: Open your windows to let all the fresh air come in!

Day 24: Soak up the sun to regulate and improve the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen to avoid skin issues.

Day 25: Show your gut some love by incorporating more live bacteria in your diet such as sauerkraut, yogurt, and kimchi. You can also take gut health supplements for better digestion and stronger immunity.

Day 26: Spend less time on your phone or computer to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Day 27: Show yourself some love by making a delicious and healthy spring meal.

Day 28: Clean your mattress or buy a new one to avoid neck and back problems.

Day 29: Have a luxurious and healthy bath. Put epsom salts and fresh flower petals to your bath to ease your sore muscles or any kinds of pains you’re feeling. 

Day 30: Don’t forget to practice gratitude today! Count your blessings and share them with others too.

30 day challenge spring clean your health

Download the image here and start your 30-day challenge today!


Spring is the perfect season to spend more time with nature, connect with people, and nourish your body. This 30-day challenge is what you need to grow, renew, and move forward to a healthier new season.

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