How to Choose the Right Resveratrol Supplement


A healthier and longer life is what all of us wanted. You know that eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and living a non-toxic lifestyle could give you that.

What makes you more fortunate is that you’re living in this day and age when further health benefits come in capsules.

Resveratrol supplement is one that gained popularity in recent years. Resveratrol, a polyphenol compound that acts like antioxidant carries further benefits for your brain, heart, skin, and joints.

Sources of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is commonly found in the skin of red grapes and in some deep-colored berries such as blueberry, mulberries, and cranberries. Muscadine grapes are known to contain the highest resveratrol concentration.

If you’re a regular red wine drinker, you will be glad to know that it’s also a great source of this powerful antioxidant -- just remember to drink in moderation. Other resveratrol sources include dark chocolate or cocoa, Japanese knotweed, green tea leaves, peanuts, and pistachio.

Resveratrol Health Benefits

Resveratrol provides a number of amazing benefits to your health.

  1. It helps to slow down the signs of aging.
  2. It protects your heart and helps lower blood pressure.
  3. It may help in cancer prevention.
  4. It protects your cognitive/mental health.
  5. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. It boosts energy and endurance.
  7. It fights off free radical damage.

Choosing the Right Resveratrol Supplement

There are numerous companies that introduce resveratrol capsules in the market. How do you choose the one that gives you the right potency and maximum benefits?

Here are things to look out for when looking for a resveratrol supplement:

Right dosage

Most supplements have dosages between 250mg to 500mg, which are much lower than what some studies have suggested being beneficial. These studies showed that an effective dosage of resveratrol supplement is 2000mg a day, according to WebMD.

As mentioned earlier, red wine is a notable source of resveratrol but a 750ml bottle of wine contains only nine milligrams of this antioxidant. Just imagine how many bottles it would take you to get the right amount of resveratrol. Well, that’s what supplements are made for.

Purity and list of ingredients

You would not take something into your body that you’re not fully aware of, especially when it comes in small capsules. If you decide to take resveratrol or any other health supplement, you should be conscious. Read the ingredients list and take note of what’s in your resveratrol capsules.

Look for trans resveratrol. Resveratrol capsules may contain either trans resveratrol or cis resveratrol. Trans resveratrol is an active ingredient in your supplement that delivers health benefits. What you need to take note of is the level of purity which vary from 5 percent to 75 percent.

Cis resveratrol, on the other hand, does not contain beneficial properties and is found largely in low-quality supplements. The cost may be cheaper but you won’t be getting any of the good stuff.

Say no to additives. Resveratrol is a natural substance so if you read anything in the supplement facts that don’t seem natural to you, do a quick research. It’s best to be proactive than regretting taking the risk later on.

Manufacturing and certifications

Of course, it’s important to know where your resveratrol supplement is made. It has to be manufactured in an FDA registered facility observing Good Manufacturing Practice. Look also for the seal that says it’s laboratory tested to be sure of its purity and potency.

Certified vegan

Even if you’re not vegan, this standard means your capsule has no gelatin, which is an animal by-product. You wouldn’t even know if the cattle, where the gelatin in your capsule comes from, is healthy and safe from infection. It would put you at ease if your capsules are made from vegetable cellulose -- no gelatin, gluten, or preservatives.


For resveratrol to become more bioavailable (the degree at which your body absorbs a substance), take a capsule in the morning. And because of its energy-enhancing properties, better not take it at night or you might have a hard time sleeping.

Just a reminder, this is not advisable for pregnant or lactating mothers, individuals below 18 years old, and those with a known medical condition. Consult your physician first before using this supplement.

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