Where to Get Your Daily Dose of Resveratrol

Where to Get Your Daily Dose of Resveratrol

If you’re looking for a potent antioxidant, you probably have come across resveratrol. In fighting off the effects of free radical damage, resveratrol packs a punch.

Aside from being an antioxidant, resveratrol delivers other benefits for your heart, brain, and bone health (more about this later on).

How much resveratrol do you need daily to get all of its astonishing benefits?

There is no recommended daily dose of resveratrol yet. Supplements can contain as low as 20mg of resveratrol to as high as 1,500mg per capsule.

Although in some studies conducted in the lab, the beneficial daily dose is 2,000mg or even more. Does this mean you should drink liters of red wine a day since it’s the best source of resveratrol?

Absolutely not.

Sources of Resveratrol

Aside from red wine, you can get resveratrol by consuming any of the food sources below. The measurements of resveratrol content are according to the Superfoodly website. We arranged it from the most to the least resveratrol content.

  • Mulberries - 5mg per 100g
  • Red wine - California pinot noir has the highest amount of resveratrol among all varieties of red wine with 5.01mg per bottle
  • Lingonberries - 3mg per 100g
  • Cranberries - 1.92mg per 100g
  • Red currants - 1.57mg per 100g
  • Peanuts - raw runner peanuts with skin has 1.12mg per 100g, while boiled peanuts have 0.412mg per 100g
  • Bilberries - 0.67mg per 100g
  • Blueberries - 0.383mg per 100g
  • Grapes - 0.24 to 1.25mg per cup of red grapes
  • Cocoa powder - 0.185 trans-resveratrol per 100g
  • Pistachios - 0.11mg per 100g
  • Peanut butter (pure without added oil) - 0.07mg per 100g
  • Dark chocolate - 0.035mg per 100g
  • Strawberries - 0.35mg per 100g

There isn’t much information about the resveratrol content of another source, which is Itadori tea. This tea is popular in Asian countries for its heart protection benefit. It’s a good alternative for red wine if you’re not allowed to drink alcohol.

Resveratrol supplement

If you can’t have wine or eat most of the food sources in this list every day, the most convenient option is to take resveratrol in capsules. At Purely Optimal, we have our own Resveratrol supplement at 1500g per capsule. Each bottle is good for 30 days.

Our Resveratrol supplement gives you a maximum strength of antioxidants along with other health benefits.

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Protects your heart
  • Improves your mental health
  • Boosts energy and endurance

This premium supplement comes in veggie capsules so it’s vegan-friendly. It’s also non-GMO, laboratory tested, and manufactured in an FDA registered facility following Good Manufacturing Practice.

You may get your Resveratrol supplement on Amazon.


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