How to Properly Take Care of Graying Hair

How to Properly Take Care of Graying Hair

“Gray hair, don’t care.”

As you age, your hair also ages. That means white or gray hair starts to appear, which can grow frizzier and shaggier compared to your young hair color.

Since white and gray hair strands are lighter than normal hair color, they will surely stand out. This is why most individuals prefer to highlight their hair or even do a full change of hair color. However, these can cause damage and hair loss.

What to do? Embrace your natural gray hair and take care of it as best as you can. Have you seen the famous Hollywood celebrities Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and George Clooney proudly showcasing their gray hair on the red carpet? Then you should flaunt yours, too! But the question is how?

Why does hair turn gray?

No matter what you do, white or gray hairs will naturally appear as you grow older, since your body slowly stops producing melanin.

But this varies from person to person. Some older people have less visible gray and white hairs compared to others. While other middle-aged adults have more gray and white hairs for their age.

Unbalanced diet like low protein intake, frequent stress, illnesses like diabetes or anemia, and nutrient deficiencies are all causes of your hair prematurely aging, causing them to turn gray or white at an early age.

Hair care routine for your graying hair

Look for hair care products formulated for gray hair

Look for hair care products formulated for gray hair to Properly Take Care of Graying Hair

Just like how much you take care of your highlights or full hair color, gray hair needs that proper care and attention, too.

Colored hair needs color revive shampoo and conditioner to prevent dullness and fading. They also contain ingredients that add volume to hair and make it shinier.

This goes the same for gray hairs. Look for shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for your natural gray strands to maintain their volume, shine, and health. Leave-in conditioner also works well to tame those dry and frizzy strands.

Make sure that the haircare products you use are color-safe so they won’t stain your natural grays. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner will also help moisturize and increase the sebum on your scalp, which is very important to keep your gray hair healthy and moisturized.

Dealing with yellow hairs

Smoking, overuse of chemical hair care products, chlorine, and constant exposure to heat can make your gray hairs appear yellow.

If you notice that your strands are starting to look yellow, use a gentle purple shampoo once a week to help neutralize it. Also, make sure to buy from reputable brands to ensure you’re using safe and effective products.

Managing hair loss

Since gray hairs are thinner and more sensitive, hair fall or hair loss are a common thing. If you're experiencing this, try these home remedies to stop hair loss.

The blog talks about the importance of proper diet to your hair, lists natural hair masks, and gives different kinds of hair care tips to maintain your overall hair health. The home remedies in the blog also provide long-lasting effects and will work for every hair type since they are all-natural and safe.

Opt for lightweight and mild styling products

Opt for lightweight and mild styling products to Properly Take Care of Graying Hair

Heavy serums, masks, waxes, and oils can only make your gray hairs look dusty and greasy, most especially on the roots. Therefore, opt for styling products that are lightweight and mild.

If you want a quick hair fix, remember to use alcohol-free or gentle anti-frizz spray to prevent your hair from getting brittle or dry. A good styling product can make your gray strands look glossy and shiny in an instant.

Try hair toners

If you’re regularly dyeing your roots or frequently using purple shampoo, hair toners will help neutralize unwanted colors in your hair like brassiness and yellow undertones. Every hair that is colored, bleached, or highlighted needs a good hair toner.

Most hair toner and toning shampoo contains nourishing ingredients to make your gray strands looking vibrant and glistening.

Find your best cut and style

Find your best cut and style to Properly Take Care of Graying Hair

Keep your hair healthy by having it trimmed frequently to help get rid of split ends. Then find your best cut and style that will make you feel more confidentiality beautiful. 

A good hairstyle will make you look better and feel years younger.

Nourish your hair from the inside out

Hair supplements are formulated with ingredients that nourishes scalp and stimulate follicles for faster hair growth.

Taking hair supplements will make your gray hair stronger, livelier, and thicker, just like teenage hair. Also, pairing hair supplements with a good diet will nourish not just your hair, but the rest of your body as well.

Purely Optimal’s Complete Hair Growth - an advance hair growth formula to achieve healthy, beautiful, and stronger hair

How our Complete Hair Growth supplement can take care of your graying hair: 

Purely Optimal Complete Hair Growth
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  • Has vitamins, biotin, keratin, collagen, MSM, amino acids, and botanical extracts. All the essential ingredients your hair needs to be fuller, frizz-free, silkier, and smoother.
  • The keratin ingredient helps repair and protect your gray hairs, giving it that long-lasting, light-reflecting shine.

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