It's Never Too Late to Start Living Well: 15 Best Health Hacks

It's Never Too Late to Start Living Well: 15 Best Health Hacks

Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life  for the better.

At some point in our lives, we thought of changing our diet, lifestyle, and habits in order to become healthier. Here, we started cooking healthier foods (maybe opt for the gluten-free or the keto diet). Or engaged more with physical activities like exercising, yoga, and meditation.

Some of us already started, but never really continued the process. The honest reasons? Only us can tell.

While others never really had a chance due to busy schedules and everyday rush.

When it comes to health, there’s always time. It’s all about proper work-life balance — something that everybody wants, but only a few achieve.

No matter what your age is, it’s never too late to turn your health around. And even though you’re a very busy person, you deserve a life of longevity and wellness.

So here are 15 of the best health hacks to kick-start your health:

1. Have lemon water every morning

Have lemon water every morning as best hacks to start living well

As much as you love to drink coffee first thing in the morning, lemon water will provide you with healthier benefits. 

One is that a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon can help naturally flush out the toxins in your body, while keeping your digestive system working properly.

So starting now, have this drink first, then coffee later.

2. Meditate

People who commit to meditation experience better sleep, improved mood, and less stress compared to those who don’t. 

From now on, always incorporate even just five minutes of your time in meditating every morning.

3. Sweat before you shower

Exercise is a must if you want to live a healthier and longer life. However, there are days you may feel like you don’t have time at all.

A hack? Do a quick 5-minute workout or exercise before you hop in the shower. Commit to this every day until your body naturally adapts to this habit and becomes part of your daily routine.

Time will come and you’ll never let your day run without having an exercise. Good, right?

4. Always eat breakfast

Always eat breakfast as best hacks to start living well

Never, ever skip breakfast and just opt for brunch.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is where you get your energy levels. Skipping breakfast can cause negative effects to your health, such as poor metabolic syndrome and unfavorable blood lipid levels.

If you’re in a hurry every morning, here’s a blog about Breakfast Recipes That Will Keep You Fully Energized for the Day.

5. Never eat a bad egg again

You may be eating a bad egg and you don’t know it.

To make sure you’re eating fresh eggs, drop them in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink, while bad ones will float. And if you’re looking for the freshest egg for hard boiling, look for the one that sinks on its side.

6. Make time to stretch

Stretching improves your focus, blood circulation, mood, and energy levels.

Therefore, set aside 5 minutes of your time in watching TV or browsing in social media, and allot it in stretching.

7. Save more herbs by freezing them

Save more herbs by freezing them as best hacks to start living well

Ain’t it cruel to freeze an herb? No. Only if you throw them away instead of saving them.

If your herbs are already wilting, you can chop them and put them in ice cube trays and fill with olive oil. After that, pop them in the freezer.

Not only are you saving money, but you’re also saving time since you already have ready herbs for sautéing.

8. Double your hydration

Boosting your water intake will make your skin look younger and your organs healthier.

You can transform your water bottle into one that is bigger and has tracking intake so you can monitor how much fluids you’re drinking in a day.

Not a fan of drinking water? Here’s a blog that lists down some hydration hacks.

9. Make easy yet healthy lunches

For days that get too overwhelming, you’re often left to settle in restaurants, fast-food chains, or wherever is closest to your house or office.

No matter how busy you get, never settle for less, especially when it comes to your health. Break this habit from now on by making easy and nutritious lunch meals. Here’s a blog that shows a list of  heart-healthy lunch ideas so you can plan and prepare ahead.

10. Ditch the chemicals and opt for natural cleaners

Ditch the chemicals and opt for natural cleaners as best hacks to start living well

We all want a neat and fresh-smelling home. But in order to live healthier, you need to ditch the overly smelling chemical cleaning products.

Instead, use essential oils. If your house smells, use a lavender essential oil mixed with a small amount of water and spray on your couch, bed mattress, pillows, and curtains, rather than using a chemical-based room fragrance spray.

11. Invest in sleep

Do you often lack Zzzzs and find it hard to complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night? Now is the best time to solve these sleeping problems.

To start living well, sleep plays an important role. You can take supplements that can help you with your mood and sleep-wake cycle and make your bedroom as comfy as possible.

Stress is also the best enemy of sleep. If you’re feeling down lately, know that there are plenty of ways to manage your stress and anxiety in order to have a healthier and more serene life.

12. Feed you mind & body with fresh air

Spending more time outside and embracing the fresh air are both linked to better health and vitality.

There’s nothing wrong if you prefer to stay indoors more than outdoors. But don’t forget to commit at least two to three times a week of going outside to just admire the view, walk around the neighborhood, or take your dog to the park.

13. Eat raw

Vegetables and fruits are more nutritious when eaten raw rather than cooked. Just make sure to wash your veggies and fruits thoroughly before eating them.

Also, go for seasonal eating for a healthier and practical way to boost your diet and nutrients intake.

14. Opt for the stairs

Opt for the stairs as best hacks to start living well

Nowadays, it’s really tempting to go for the elevator or escalator rather than stairs. Especially if you’re in a hurry or when you’re not in the mood to walk.

However, if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, taking the stairs will get your circulation up, and contribute to stronger bones. Consider it as a mini exercise too.

15. Unplug

Social media detoxing and taking the time away from gadgets can lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle. It’s like a magical cure that can boost your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Plus, unplugging more often will allow you to connect to the real world, which will help you build more connections, while boosting your self-esteem.

Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it, learn from it, and nourish it, then watch your life transform and be healthy.

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