Keep Your Cells Healthy With These 10 Lifestyle Tips

Keep Your Cells Healthy With These 10 Lifestyle Tips

The cell never acts, it reacts.

Unlike the brain that controls your decisions, emotions, speech, organs, movements, and many other bodily functions, the cells in your body only react to everything that your mind and body say.

If you nourish your cells and make them happy , they will provide a healthy structure for your system, take in all the nutrients in your food and convert them into energy, and provide specialized functions. 

Healthy lifestyle changes are the keys to maintaining healthy cells. How to do it? Let’s find out.

Why cells are important in our body

Cells are the building blocks of life. Our body is made up of TRILLIONS of cells which all carry out vital functions in our body like structure and support, reproduction, energy production, metabolism, growth, and many more.

Cells are the simplest entity that exhibits life. We need cells, and we need to maintain healthy cells because that’s what we’re made of. Without cells, we wouldn’t exist. And with unhealthy cells, we won’t live longer.

Furthermore, every cell in your body is composed of different parts, each with its own function to help you get through the day, like performing your daily activities. Some of the major parts of human cells (which you have learned in school) are cytoplasm, nucleus, cytoskeleton, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, peroxisomes, lysosome, and Golgi apparatus.

You need to have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to better take care of your cells so they can fulfill their jobs easily with the nutrients you provide them from the food you consume.

10 lifestyle tips to keep your cells healthy

1. Maintain a balanced diet

Maintain a balanced diet to Keep Your Cells Healthy

Maintaining a balanced diet may seem like a vague term, because most people have different perceptions of what a balanced diet really means.

Some think that going vegan and vegetarian are healthier, while some believe that gluten-free and keto diet are better. But if we’re talking about keeping your cells healthy, two most important factors are at play: boosting your antioxidants and warding off free radicals.

Antioxidants are substances that protect your cells from free radicals, that damage and deteriorate your cells.

Eating plenty of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, will keep your cellular health at an optimal state. Also, even though meats are an excellent source of protein, red meats, in particular, can introduce free radicals in the body.

But that doesn’t mean that you should stay away from red meat. Just make sure you consume only as needed by the body, and buy high-quality ones. Cook them properly, such as baked or grilled. And only use healthy oils.

Lastly, stay away from saturated fats, high-sodium foods, processed products, and sugary edibles as they damage cell health.

2. Consider detoxification

Truthfully, no matter how hard you try to stay away from unhealthy foods, there are still toxins that are hard to control. Supporting detoxification pathways is the key.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend plenty of time juicing a lot of green veggies and fruits, then gulping them down. Or investing in costly cleansing products. It just means that you have to properly go on a detox diet, which helps support your detox organs such as your kidneys, intestines, and liver.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products also invite harmful chemicals into your body that alter your cell functions. So stay away from these bad habits.

3. Support your cell membrane

Your cell membrane plays an important role in allowing the nutrients in and waste out of the cell. It also communicates with other cells and holds the body structure together.

If you lack proper nutrition, have too many toxins in your body, and are dealing with chronic stress, you’ll have damaged and leaky cells that can lead to disease and inflammation.

Have a healthy cell membrane by consuming healthy fats, balanced protein, and plenty of fruits & vegetables. You can also try supplements that have PC — the phospholipid building blocks that comprise the cell membrane.

Alongside sufficient phospholipid, your body also needs balanced cholesterol levels because healthy cell membranes are composed by 20% of its structure.

4. Address toxins properly

Address toxins properly to  Keep Your Cells Healthy

Pollution, chemicals, mold, pesticides, and exogenous hormones are toxins that long existed in this world, which are impossible to stay away from. No matter what area you live in, you will still face the outside world where these toxins are lingering.

But there are ways to prevent them from invading your cells. One way to start is to be aware of the chemicals you’re using in your body and home.

Some skin care, makeup, personal care, and home cleaning products may contain ingredients you should watch out.

You can consider switching to organic and chemical-free skincare and personal care products, as well as natural options for cleaning your home, and natural essential oils to purify your house. By opting for these changes, you can contribute to making your cells healthier.

5. Keep a healthy gut

Gut health is one of the most important factors in keeping your cells healthy. This is because your gut is  responsible for absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you consume and the supplements you take. 

Your gut must be healthy in order to absorb all the nutrition your body needs. Or else they are just passing through your digestive system.

You can support your microbiome and gut flora by eating more probiotic-rich foods and taking gut health supplements.

6. Protect your skin

Your skin plays an essential role both internally and externally. Externally, it’s like a shield that will protect you from heat, pain, cold, physical injuries, mechanical & thermal hazards, and the rest of the toxic stuff in the outside world.

Internally, it holds your body’s fluids, prevents you from dehydration and keeps the germs, bacteria, and harmful microbes out of your system.

Your skin also reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation, regulates temperature, and is a sensory organ that deals with the sense of touch.

Since your skin absorbs anything you put on it (like skincare products) and in it (foods, drinks, and supplements), it’s important for you to use healthy products and consume skin-healthy foods.

Try using organic products for your skin and face. And consume more omega-3 rich foodssupplements, as well as vitamin C, E, and collagen.

7. Love the sun

Love the sun to Keep Your Cells Healthy

Although loving the sun may seem like contradictory advice to number 6, that does not mean that the ‘sun’ itself is the culprit to your skin and cells compared to those harsh chemicals and cosmetic products you put on your skin.

So don’t hide from the sun and make sure you still catch Vitamin D every day. Just stay away from those days/hours when the heat is too extreme. Ten to 30 minutes of sun exposure, between 9am to 2pm, in the middle of the day will do significant benefits to your skin. And don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

Plus, human beings are all creatures of the sun. Aside from vitamin D, sunlight is essential in increasing your endorphins and regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

8. Maintain an active lifestyle

HIIT workouts are fine, but don’t overdo it as this can do more harm than good to your cell, brain, and body, particularly if you’re under stress, burnout, or recovering.

Instead, opt for rejuvenating exercises like walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, and dancing. These will help you keep an active lifestyle, while helping with stress management, contributing to healthy cardiovascular health, and keeping your cellular health at an optimal level.

9. Hydrate

Our body is composed of 60% water. Therefore, hydration is very important in keeping your cells healthy and your skin moisturized naturally. If you find it difficult to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, here are 8 hydration hacks for you.

And don’t just let water pass through your system and not get inside the cells. The trick is to get enough electrolytes, since they contain electrically charged minerals, which accelerates the water transport into and out of your cells. 

To increase your electrolytes and hydration, eat more watery fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon. You can also drink 100% real fruit juice and coconut water.

10. Your cells are listening, so always speak kindly to yourself

Your cells are listening, so always speak kindly to yourself to keep your cells healthy

Just like the brain, every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts. They are like a genie in the bottle, but in an anatomic way. Your cells are connected to the unified field of the universe and they react to your thoughts and make your wishes come true by reacting to manifestations. 

Many people get stuck to the repetitive thoughts and demeaning memories that negatively affect their capability to live a more fulfilled and vibrant life. That being said, your cells don’t just affect the 8 dimensions of wellness, but it also degenerates your cell membranes.

Always remember that there’s a correlation between the wisdom of your cell and how your beliefs contribute to your biology.

A cell-friendly message for you:

Good health is not just being disease-free. Good health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with life. Follow the 10 tips above to keep your cells healthy and happy.

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