8 Dimensions of Wellness to Create a Life You Love

8 Dimensions of Wellness to Create a Life You Love

“Wellness is a journey that starts within.”

If you want to fully achieve wellness, you have to take responsibility for your health and overall being. And that means looking after the different dimensions of wellness.

Wellness is about balance. You can’t have a good physical health with poor mental health. And if you can’t handle your emotions very well, your thinking capacity can be affected. If your financial status is falling apart, this can cause several problems, too.

Physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are the most common dimensions that people know about. But did you know that there are still 5 more?

1. Mental Wellness

mental wellness

“Creating a healthy mindset is an investment for your overall well-being.”

How you think affects how you feel and act. Having a good foundation of mental health will help you manage your stress more effectively so you can think properly. This will prevent you from making impulsive decisions and taking drastic actions. 

Additionally, good mental health will help you  get a good night’s sleep.

Activities you can do for your mental wellness:

2. Physical Wellness

physical wellness

“Physical fitness is the basis of dynamic and intellectual activity.”

Having good physical health will contribute to how you look and feel at your best. Do you look confident about how you look? If no, then wear clothes make you feel comfortable. Don’t be anxious to show people what your fashion sense is.

Are you having a balanced diet? Do you pamper yourself often? When was the last time you’ve had a massage?

Activities you can do for your physical wellness:

3. Emotional Wellness

emotional wellness

“No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”

The way you feel can highly impact how you act with yourself, around your family and friends, and in terms of your career. 

Emotions can either get in your way or get you on the way. Learn to handle your emotions carefully to prevent emotional exhaustion.

Having good emotional wellness will also help you establish a more meaningful relationship with the people you care about.

Activities you can do for your emotional wellness:

4. Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellness

“The true inward journey is about finding your own fullness. Something that no one else can take away.”

You can’t have a physical and mental transformation until you have a spiritual transformation. Spiritual wellness is creating a life that feels good on the inside. Not just one that looks good on the outside.

This means connecting to yourself deeper, knowing your core values, and not breaking your principles in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Activities you can do for your spiritual wellness:

5. Social Wellness

social wellness

“No man is an island.”

Social wellness relates to surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you higher when times are tough.

Having good relationships with people, especially to those you really care about, is a gift. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, socializing is part of overall wellness.

Activities you can do for your social wellness:

6. Intellectual Wellness

intellectual wellness

“Learning continuously is the best way to build one’s intellectual capacity.”

Intellectual wellness links to a set of habits and activities that stimulate and exercise your mind. 

While mental wellness focuses more on your inner peace, intellectual wellness takes care of your brain's health to improve your cognitive function.

Activities you can do for your intellectual wellness:

7. Environmental Wellness

environmental wellness

“You’re a product of your environment. Surround yourself with the best.”

Your surrounding has a big impact on your overall wellness. If your house is messy, you can’t concentrate well. If you’re surrounded by toxic people, they can strongly affect your actions into reaching your goals.

Environmental wellness includes surrounding yourself with positive energy and living in a more sustainable way.

Activities you can do for your environmental wellness:

8. Financial Wellness

financial wellness

“If you have to reap financial blessing, you have to sow financially.”

Financial wellness is important in different aspects of life. Not having enough money to pay for your needs can lead to chromic stress and sleepless nights, which is also not good for your health.

Being financially secure will give you opportunities to help other people and build a secure life for your family. 

Chase your passion, and money will come. Because if you keep chasing your money, you may never find your passions.

Activities you can do for your financial wellness:


Mindset, habits, and routines are the building block for your success towards your overall wellness goals. Balance the eight dimensions of wellness in order to establish a life you’ll love and create memories you’ll treasure forever.

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