Types of Collagen: What Are They and Why Are They Good for You

Types Of Collagen: What Are They And Why Are They Good For You

There are many collagen products in the market that compete to get your attention. But how do you know which one you should get?

To refresh your memory, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s also the main component of all the connective tissues in our body and acts as a glue that holds everything together.

Would you believe that there are 16 types of collagen in your body? Yes, that many. But there are five of the most common types of collagen deemed to be the most beneficial.

What are those and what benefits can you get from each type?

Type I collagen

Type I collagen is profusely found in the body. It helps in the formation of the skin, bones, connective tissues, corneas, and blood vessel walls. 

Being the building block of skin, this type is largely used in anti-aging skincare products as it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity and hydration.

This type also strengthens the nails and helps your hair grow thicker and stronger. If you’re having issues with leaky gut, this collagen type is what you need as it is known to heal the gut lining.

Type I collagen is mostly found in fish or marine collagen and egg collagen. Marine collagen is the easiest for the body to absorb. Aside from type I, egg collagen located in the whites and shells also contains type III, type IV, and type X collagen.

Type II collagen 

The major collagen found in cartilage, the connective tissue that protects joints, is type II collagen. This type is also present in large amounts in the spinal discs and eyes. It also supports the structure of other body parts such as ears, nose, and rib cage among many others.

Since type II collagen is significantly found in the cartilage, this type is popular for promoting joint health and the treatment of arthritis.  

The top source of type II collagen is chicken collagen.

Type III collagen

Type III collagen is another major component of the skin and other organs and found largely in the blood vessels, intestines, muscles, and uterus. 

Since it is often in the same location as type I, these two types work together to carry out amazing benefits for your body. Type I and type III both boost the elasticity and firmness of your skin to keep it younger-looking. These types make a great duo for gut healing, too. 

Aside from those mentioned, type III also supports cardiovascular health. This type is mainly found in bovine collagen from cow’s skin, muscles, and bones. 

Type V

This type is fibrillar collagen and is vital in the fibrillation (formation of fibers) of types I and III collagen. Type V collagen is found in the bones, muscles, liver, lungs, placenta, and corneal stroma.

Type X

Type X  collagen is a network-framing type and makes up about 1% of the total amount of collagen in cartilage. It contributes to the growth, development, and remodeling of articular cartilage. 

How to get these types of collagen

You can get these types of collagen from your diet and supplements.

These are the food you should eat to improve your natural collagen production:

  1. Bone broth
  2. Fish  
  3. Shellfish
  4. Egg whites
  5. Citrus fruits
  6. Berries
  7. Leafy green vegetables
  8. Garlic
  9. Pumpkin seeds
  10. Cashews

But if you want a source that contains all five types of collagen we mentioned in this post, then try out our Collagen Complex, a premium, and potent multi-collagen supplement.

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