Daily Dose of Happiness: 8 Daily Habits to Make You Happier

Daily Dose of Happiness: 8 Daily Habits to Make Your Happier

A happy person is a healthy person.

If you ask advice from senior people on how they manage to reach their age of 70s, 80s, and 90s, some of them will tell you to exercise and eat healthy. But the majority will tell you to be happy, smile more, and enjoy life.

Sounds easy, but hard to do. Especially when you’re in the stage of adulting life and responsibilities are everywhere. You get torn between having fun and working hard.

But actually, you can do both. You can still enjoy life while hustling. You just need simple adjustments in your habits or daily routine in order to make way for fun and work. Here’s how:

#1: Energize yourself in the morning

Energize yourself in the morning as Daily Habits to Make Your Happier

We all have different ways to energize ourselves in the morning. You can dance, stretch, do deep breathing exercises, drink coffee, or give a ‘good morning hug’ to your loved ones. Find what suits you best. Doing this will give you an added motivation and a boost of happiness.

At times you feel tired or lethargic when you wake up, here’s a blog that will show you 10 tips to beat morning fatigue.

Also, don’t forget to have enough sleep. Because it will be hard to get your energy in the morning if you haven’t got enough sleep last night. In case you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, our 5-HTP supplement will help you wind  down to a good night’s sleep.

Last thing: eat a healthy breakfast to keep you fully energized for the day.

#2: Save money to invest in learnings, skills, and memories

Money is currency. And do you know where the word ‘currency’ comes from? It came from the Latin word “currere,” which means to run or to flow.

Your money should be flowing in order for it to have value. It’s okay to save, but when you save enough, know how to use it WISELY. Fifty dollars is a big amount of money to save if you’re living centuries ago, but that’s not the case anymore today.

Invest your money to earn more skills, knowledge, and memories. These three investments will help you learn more in order to progress in life while gaining memories to treasure forever.

#3: Take time to recharge

Take time to recharge as Daily Habits to Make Your Happier

Gadgets need batteries to run, electronics need electricity to function. We, as humans, need recharging as well to be more productive and to heal from physical & mental exhaustion.

Make time to play. As soon as you finish your tasks, give time to rest and relax. Each time you achieve something, reward yourself. If you’re experiencing emotional burnout, talk to someone.

The key to a happier and longer life is taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental needs.

#4: Appreciate more

A poor person is not one who has no money, but one who is never contented.

In order to live happily and peacefully, you have to appreciate and feel grateful for what you have. We are all blessed in different ways. What you have, someone else is praying for.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, just embrace and live in the present. Look for growth, healthy challenges, grab opportunities, share your blessings, and expand your resources.

Learn to let go and try to be more forgiving. Even to people that never apologized to you. This may be the most difficult thing to do, but once you learn this, you’ll become happier and healthier in many ways.

Just remember, don’t let your past issues and burdens ruin your present and future.

#5: Dream big

Dream big as Daily Habits to Make Your Happier

Dreams are not what you see in your sleep. It’s the thing that doesn’t make you sleep. Why? Because you’ll be too eager to get it, which will make you feel more motivated, alive, and brave.

So dream big and put it into action. Take all the necessary steps needed to achieve your goals. Every step will lead to progress, and progress leads to results and happiness.

Success doesn’t always have to be having lots of money or material things. It can also be in the form of good health or a complete family. Whatever dreams you have, always believe that you can achieve it.

#6: Move slowly

Most people think that moving quickly and rushing will get things done on time. But actually, this can only cause physical and mental exhaustion. That’s why you experience body pain, muscle stiffness, and headaches every time you force your mind and body to finish something quickly.

Take things slowly. Just go with the flow and don’t worry too much. You’ll be surprised at how happier and more relaxing life can be.

#7: Be with the right people

Have you ever wondered how much you tried your best to take care of yourself, but things still don’t fall into place? Well, maybe it’s because you’re with the wrong people.

The people you invite in your circle can either make you better or worse, or make you feel happy or sad. No one can hurt you unless you let them. Therefore, be wise enough to let people in and courageous enough to let others go.

#8: Know how to comfort and soothe yourself

Know how to comfort and soothe yourself as Daily Habits to Make Your Happier

Having someone to lean on when times get rough is good. But it’s better if you know how to comfort yourself and soothe your pain, just in case no one’s around. After all, the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

Go out, read a book, go to your favorite spot in town, admire the view of the sunset, pamper yourself, watch a movie, or eat at a restaurant. Anything you can do to destress and relax, while knowing yourself deeper, is always worthy your time. Not only can these ward off your worries, but it will also make you stronger and more strong-willed.

Are you feeling stressed lately? Read this article about 15 Easy Ways to Cope With Stress In Less Than 15 Minutes.

You can also take our Magnesium Complex to help keep your anxiety at bay or our Magnesium Gummies to help you relax even on your most stressful day.

Everyday is a new day…
To be happy,
Be bright,
Be you.

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