What Is the Difference Between Keto Pills and Keto Powder (Aside From the Obvious)

What Is the Difference Between Keto Pills and Keto Powder

If you’re in a ketogenic lifestyle, you may already know that keto supplements can help you reach ketosis faster and lose weight effectively. 

Since supplements have gone through major innovations for the past decades, chalky tablets (that are too difficult to swallow) are no longer the norm. Keto supplements these days already come in pill, powder, gummies, and liquid form. But the most common ones that you will see in the market are pills and powder types. 

What are the differences between keto pills and keto powder? Well, aside from the obvious. Will there be any significant change in your keto results? Let’s find out.

How keto supplements work

Following a keto diet means you follow a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. Going on this process for several days and weeks will put your body into ketosis — a metabolic and nutritional state that links to a raise in blood ketones and weight loss. 

Not only will the keto diet help you lose weight effectively, but it can also provide plenty of health benefits. However, it’s not that easy to follow the same meal plan on a daily basis, which gives you the nutrients you need to maintain ketosis. 

This is where keto supplements come in handy. They boost ketosis  by helping raise your blood ketone levels. Pairing a keto supplement with proper diet and exercise can lead to faster results and make your weight loss journey more fulfilling. 

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Keto pills vs. keto powder

Generally, not just in keto supplements, pills and powder form have different advantages and disadvantages.


What Is the Difference Between Keto Pills and Keto Powder

Pills are easier to carry and transport anywhere. You can just easily put them in a pill box or an air-tight storage, and toss them in your bag. Surely, you cannot do that with a powdered supplement.

Unlike some keto powder supplements that may have a bitter aftertaste,, with keto pills, you don’t have to worry about the taste since you just have to swallow it with water.

However, taking a pill supplement is like digesting a friendly time bomb. Once the content of the pill is released to the body, it may take a while before it gets absorbed as compared to the powder form  


What Is the Difference Between Keto Pills and Keto Powder

Powder supplements, on the other hand, are easier to take. Some adults have a hard time swallowing pills, that they end up drinking a lot of water and feeling bloated afterwards. This is also the reason why protein supplements don’t come in pills form. So you don’t need to swallow a lot of pills just to make them work.

Most supplements are already effective when taken in one encapsulated form. But certain supplements like whey protein that needs larger serving, which will not fit in just one capsule.

Pills are not built for instant results. They need to work their way into your body before they are completely absorbed by your system. Powdered supplements don’t have a barrier. Just add it with water, mix well, and drink. Then your body will absorb it right away, which also means quicker absorption of benefits.

Surely there are lots of powdered supplements that don’t come with an enjoyable taste. With proper research and reading reviews online, you can buy a brand that is tasteless, a product  you can easily mix in your drinks,  smoothies, and your keto recipes.

Some powdered supplements come in a delicious flavor like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, peach, etc. to make it more enjoyable for you to take. If it tastes good, then you’ll surely remember taking it every day..

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A take home message

All things considered, there’s no really right or wrong choice if you prefer keto pills that are easier to take anywhere and are tasteless, or the powdered form for easier consumption and quicker absorption. 

In the end, it will still depend on what your body needs and the main reason why you’re taking a keto supplement.

Purely Optimal’s Keto BHB Powder – get in shape the healthy & refreshing way

What our Keto powder contains: 

Purely Optimal Keto BHB Powder
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  4. Acacia gum — as an excellent source of soluble fiber for better digestion

Why choose our Keto BHB powder supplement

  • Makes a great pre- or post-workout drink
  • Levels up your water with flavor and nutrition
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  • Gives you unparalleled energy, focus, and stamina
  • Manages your cravings
  • Helps you kick into ketosis faster and healthier

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